Wall Stickers The Pattern Is Also More, The Local Adornment Is Stronger

One of the benefits of wall stickers is that you can do it yourself without relying on others to do it yourself. However, the simple wall stickers are also skilled oh, or a favorite pattern of their own paste is not good, it is too bad. Hands-on teaching you how to paste the wall, let's study together.

One: the preparation work before the wall pastes

1, before starting to paste the wall, please prepare some tools: scissors, knives, cards or bank cards. First of all, the pattern around the extra blank parts with scissors cut off, so easy to paste.

2, the transfer film affixed to the pattern, and the card or bank card on the transfer membrane repeatedly scraping back and forth, so that the pattern and transfer film better adhesion together, affixed to the wall will not have bubbles appear.

In fact, when affixed to the wall on the phone to feel like the film can not have bubbles, otherwise it will be very difficult to see, the same reason on the wall.

Two: The concrete steps of sticking the wall

1, will stick the pattern of transfer membrane gently tore away from the pattern of the bottom paper, if the pattern has not glued to the transfer film place, you can use a knife to assist. When the area is larger than the pattern, you can reverse the pattern by tearing the bottom paper away from the transfer film and the pattern.

Before the 2nd step in the following, the transfer film cut the scrap to select a corner of the wall to test the performance of the wall, to determine the wall no problem before pasting. If the wall powder or remove the transfer membrane will be together with the wall paint, please process and then paste.

2, when the pattern is pasted, the transfer film can first be glued to a corner of the wall, and then slowly the sticky pattern of the transfer film along the downward direction affixed to the wall, and then with the card from the middle of the pattern to the direction of the surrounding repeatedly, so that the wall paste better adhesion on the wall;

3, will transfer the membrane tear away from the wall, as far as possible slowly some, can be on the side of the pattern, while tearing off the transfer film, must not tear together the pattern oh.

After careful tearing and pasting, the pattern that we want will appear on the wall. Xiao Bian here again remind, to note is that the wall is a new thing, the pattern is more, local decorative strong, do not tear away.

In addition, wall stickers can be combined with a variety of home style. Before painting must choose the size, pattern, color and shape according to the overall style and tone of the room. The general living room, the bedroom, the dining room, the bathroom are very suitable uses the wall painting to adorn, but at present most owners prefer to decorate the TV background wall and the dining room.

Hands-on teaching you how to paste the wall is finished, you have learned it? In fact, the application of wall stickers is very wide, can be applied in various areas. Can also be based on their own needs to choose a stereo or flat type. Come on, get up and dress up your house.