Wall Stickers Modern People Like Personalized Customization

The current generation of wall stickers on the main use of stickers, a lot of color to the main color. Self-adhesive also known as self-adhesive label material, is a paper, film or special materials for the fabric, the back coated with adhesive to silicon protective paper for the end of a composite material. As a result of a variety of coating technology, resulting in the formation of different grades of self-adhesive materials, the current direction of development by the traditional roller coating, scraper coating to the direction of high-pressure cast coating development to maximize the coating Uniform sensibility, to avoid the production of bubbles and eye to ensure the quality of coating, and cast cloth coating in the domestic technology is not yet mature, the main domestic use of the traditional roller coating. Even if the stickers, but also according to the applicable environment and processing quality is divided into many varieties.

For the wall stickers, the quality is good with a transfer film - directly attached to the product, do not have their own processing, processing their own transfer film wall stickers are semi-finished products, or product quality, however, a long time transfer film glue And fabric reaction, this is not used in the room. The real transfer film is a very low viscosity, viscosity just sticky wall stickers, relatively thick will be a lot, the most critical point is that the real transfer of the film glue and PVC will not be inside the DOP reaction, glue done Special research and development, covering the wall stickers even 1 year 2 years still can be used. So the quality of identification of wall stickers is a key point is to see whether the pre-transfer film transfer, there is no pre-transfer transfer film, must be poor quality.

In the country, the real transfer film is also divided into several kinds, one is the transfer film with advertising, such as Plato's transfer film, is characterized by good results with good prices at home, the general good wall stickers sellers with this transfer film The The disadvantage is that Wei Shi Bo production transfer film production line is relatively low, unstable viscosity, and sometimes there are dust. Better advertising class transfer film is Avery, all aspects are good, the disadvantage is too expensive. There is also a special wall sticking transfer film, this transfer film than the advertising class transfer film viscosity is low, in addition, in order to prevent the transfer film glue and wall paste PVC DOP reaction, glue made a special research and development. The price is between Plato and Avery. Described in front of several are frosted effect, there is a domestic PP material transfer film, is transparent, no bottom paper. This transfer film price is very cheap, the effect is better than Lengbiao film, worse than Plato, the other is easy to leave residual glue.