Wall Stickers Environmental Prices Are Cheap

When we stick to the Wall Stickerss, especially the large area of the Wall Stickerss, we will find no matter how cautious we are, paste, the Wall Stickerss will produce a lot of large and small bubbles, this time we need to use a knife or needle Wall Stickerss Puncture, and then beat down the bubble, this will destroy the Wall Stickerss, posted the effect is not so perfect.

The advantage of the glue ball is a good solution to the bubble problem when sticking the Wall Stickerss. Another Wall Stickerss will be posted very flat, paste up faster, the success rate is higher. The air duct is not a feature of the Wall Stickers, but if you buy a large format Wall Stickers, this must have.

For the Wall Stickerss, the quality is good with a transfer film - directly attached to the product, do not have their own processing, processing their own transfer film Wall Stickerss are semi-finished products, or product quality, but a long time, And the fabric reaction, this is not used in the room. The real transfer film is a very low viscosity, viscosity just sticky Wall Stickerss, relatively thick will be a lot, the most critical point is that the real transfer of film glue and PVC will not be inside the DOP reaction, glue done Special research and development, covering the Wall Stickerss even 1 year 2 years still can be used. So the quality of the Wall Stickerss to identify the key point is to see is not pre-transfer transfer film, there is no pre-transfer transfer film, must be poor quality.

In the country, the real transfer film is also divided into several kinds, one is the transfer film with advertising, such as Plato's transfer film, is characterized by good results with good prices at home, the general good Wall Stickerss sellers with this transfer film The The disadvantage is that Wei Shi Bo production transfer film production line is relatively low, unstable viscosity, and sometimes there are dust. Better advertising class transfer film is Avery, all aspects are good, the disadvantage is too expensive. There is a special wall stick transfer film, this transfer film than the advertising class transfer film viscosity is low, in addition, in order to prevent the transfer film glue and wall paste PVC DOP reaction, glue made a special research and development. The price is between Plato and Avery. Described in front of several are matte effect, there is a domestic PP material transfer film, is transparent, no bottom paper. This transfer film price is very cheap, the effect is better than Lengbiao film, worse than Plato, the other is easy to leave residual glue.

With the accelerated pace of life, we are deeply poisoned by chemical products every day. Usually, when we get the sticker products, will open the packaging, smell the pungent smell. Professional talk, decided to taste tasteless is the pressure-sensitive adhesive solvent, wall paste glue is dissolved by the solvent applied to the surface material, the glue will gradually evaporate with the time, we smell the smell is volatile In the presence of a pressure-sensitive adhesive. So, we posted to the indoor Wall Stickerss of the biggest environmental problems are reflected in the solvent. Environmental protection, the higher the purity of the solvent, the taste is smaller, when we separated the Wall Stickerss and the end of the paper when the muddy up to smell, as long as there is pungent smell, it must not be used for indoor environmental Solvent. If you buy a pungent smell of Wall Stickerss, then do not use air conditioning as much as possible within the cycle, and then open the window.