Wall Stickers Convenient Substitutability

In recent years, many owners like wall stickers. Wall stickers not only cheap, and the replacement frequency is fast, you can change the mood with their own decoration, tricks, paste a variety of methods. But the wall stickers is how to paste it? How to paste, wall stickers decorative effect will be better? This article is for you to introduce the wall paste method set, hope to help you.

First, the basic description of wall stickers

To stick to the wall stickers, first of all to understand what is the wall stickers. Only understand the characteristics of the wall stickers in order to think about its paste method. Wall stickers is a design and production of the finished pattern of stickers wall stickers, of course, can be affixed to the walls of the latex paint, can also be tiles, glass, plastic and other places. Wall stickers is a home decoration stickers, because the convenience of the replacement and by many people's favorite, of course, a variety of wall stickers, pattern rich is also an important reason for people like, in short, the wall stickers can be any combination, Time should also consider the overall design of the home environment and to facilitate the future to consider the removal.

Second, the introduction of the type of wall stickers

In the paste wall stickers is that we must first consider to buy where to paste, and then we must think about what material wall stickers. Wall stickers according to the material can be divided into different types. Different types of wall stickers are also different characteristics, so paste in what place, the use of what material stickers, as well as with the decoration style is also with the pay attention. First introduced is printed with PVC, this material surface waterproof and mildew, in the replacement is very easy to tear off, but less color, usually not color, and there is a strong sense of cheap plastic, and the overall sense of integration with the whole family Poor, will fade, fade, viscosity is not enough, especially in non-tile, metal and other surfaces is difficult to repeatedly paste.

The second is a solid color sticky note, the same waterproof and mildew, and there is no printing PVC with the shortcomings, you can choose the color, size, wall and the wall is basically no sense of violation, easy to fade, easy to fall off, But its design in the same home in the same texture in general, it is easy to color, easy to tear, in non-tiles, metal and other surfaces are difficult to repeatedly paste. The third is the matte Boeing film, in addition to the same non-tile, glass, metal and other surfaces can not be repeatedly paste, almost solved the other two materials all the shortcomings.

Third, the wall paste paste method introduced

In the selected wall stickers after the need, in fact, the so-called paste method is very simple, if you have creative ideas, but also their own combination in the creation of their favorite posters to create creative home improvement environment. If you choose the PVC material wall stickers, first prepare tools, scissors, knives, hard cards, will paste the pattern around the extra part of the blank cut, the transfer film attached to the sticker pattern, with hard cards (such as bank cards ) On the transfer film back and forth several times, so that the two stick better, after the paste is not produce bubbles.

And then gently remove the transfer film from the pattern of the end of paper, of course, to ensure that the pattern has been completely transferred to the transfer film. At this time do not hurry to paste, you can first use the transfer film cut the scrap on the wall at the inconspicuous place, if there is powder or other phenomena, we must first deal with this problem. Stick wall stickers home decoration pictures pay attention to the first corner, and then slowly down to the bottom of the wall with a card scratch, and then slowly tear away the transfer film, the whole process on this.