Wall Stickers Can Make Space Look Richer

As we all know, the variety of Wall Stickers, style rich, construction is relatively simple, the important thing is to make 

people feel very warm, so at this stage in the home decoration is still more common, and in the living room, it will often be used in the TV background wall, as for its paving, some people will choose the whole shop, of course, some people will choose the half shop, Or with other materials, of course, each of the way to make the effect is not the same, below, we would like to see the case specific!

The whole TV wall full of Wall Stickers is relatively simple, compared to the white wall, this can make space appear richer;

For the TV wall next to the corridor, it is advisable to extend the Wall Stickers to the wall of the corridor to avoid the abrupt turn of the problem and the trouble of the Edge;

Vertical lines of Wall Stickers, paste good can create a forest-like visual sense;

Leaf-like Wall Stickers, with a unique hue and the whole space with an extra Zen charm, and in the side of the problem, through a screen to connect occlusion, it is much simpler;

Watermark pattern Wall Stickers, paired with spotlights, can create a mottled water shadow vision;

Do not like the stereotyped Wall Stickers, you can consider the whole picture of the pattern, such a Wall Stickers overall vision more artistic, decorative effect stronger;

Chinese charm of Wall Stickers, with a unique Chinese-style Wall Stickers pattern shop, the overall effect of the stick;

Interlaced arts and Sciences Wall Stickers, visual sense of the unique;

In the Wall Stickers foundation, plus some wall decorations (such as the deer head in the picture below), the effect is also quite good;

Wood texture space of the TV walls are generally white walls minimalist, with the effect of a pair of Wall Stickers is also quite special;

If it is a small huxing or modern American style, you can consider the TV wall on both sides of the symmetrical storage cabinets, the middle position of Wall Stickers, this effect is very good;

Like the following figure, if you want to do a projector after the Wall Stickers, you can install a droop curtain on ceiling ceiling;

If the TV wall is a load-bearing wall, then you can do in the wall on both sides of the TV wall niche, combining the shape of the middle Wall Stickers, the effect is also quite generous high-end;

The storage cabinets on both sides, the lower part of the storage cabinets + on the display cabinets of the design, the overall more beautiful atmosphere;

The whole wall pastes the Wall Stickers is too exaggerated, the local pastes is not good to collect the edge, then may use the collection edge modelling to collect the side, simultaneously also makes the esthetic sense full modelling;

The TV wall with decorative lines to collect edge modeling, in the middle of the Wall Stickers, hanging some warm letters, the entire living room is full of romantic pleasant atmosphere;

Arched door shape + Zen Charm Wall Stickers, the overall collocation elegant and dignified;

Wood line edge, paired with wooden TV cabinets, the overall effect of harmony and high-grade;

Simple wood trim strip edge, simple and elegant high grade;

Re-bronze TV cabinets and coffee table, with the old newspaper texture Wall Stickers, in the modern American space, the overall atmosphere low-key luxury and high-end;

If the early planning is good, can be in the hard time in the TV wall to make a slight concave shape, and then carefully put the Wall Stickers, but also quite neat and generous;

The following picture of this fresh space atmosphere, paired with such a fresh and meticulous Wall Stickers, the whole space is particularly fresh and elegant;

Finally this is the base of the line, add a stealth door, the TV wall to cover the door clean and beautiful atmosphere.