Wall Stickers Beautiful And Elegant Installation Is Also Convenient

Wall stickers is the last two years began a fashionable wall decoration method, a lot of patterns, can be used with different styles of the room, because the method is simple, easy to operate, the price is not expensive, very popular with the owners, especially some Young people, like their own hands to do wall stickers, decorate their own house, both to reduce the cost, but also from the experience to a lot of hands-on fun. Here to introduce your own way to do wall stickers.

First of all first to buy the wall stickers around the blank part of the pattern with scissors cut off, it is easier to paste.

Will be transparent, the back of the viscous transfer film tore off, completely covered in the pattern, and with a card or bank card in the transfer film repeatedly back and forth a few times, so that the pattern and the transfer film better stick together, the middle do not have Hollowed out the gap, so posted on the wall will not have bubbles or wrinkles appear.

The sticky pattern of the transfer film gently tear away from the pattern of the end of paper, if the pattern is not sticky on the transfer film on the place, you can use a knife to help. In the larger area of the pattern, you can also reverse the pattern, the pattern of the end of the paper tear away from the transfer film and pattern.

Paste the pattern, the first set a good location, the film will be transferred to the corner of the first stick to the wall, and then slowly sticky pattern of the transfer film along the downward direction attached to the wall, and then with the card from the middle of the pattern The direction of repeated draw a few, so that the wall stickers on the sticky flat.

Will transfer film away from the wall when, as slow as possible, you can side by side, while tearing away from the transfer film, action is slow, do not tear off the pattern together.

For home decoration, what is the simple way? Give you share a few simple wallpaper wall stickers is how to change the whole home environment, like the little partners remember the attention of Oh ~

The bedroom affixed to such a lovely romantic love wall stickers, the whole bedroom atmosphere suddenly raised up, love filled the whole room. Yellow similar to the light bulb wall stickers and table color is ride, very beautiful and generous. Very suitable for beauty lady, very cute. This wall stickers are more common, easy to install, beautiful

This is a fancy nice, very suitable for small girls.Many people like the map, as a home decoration enthusiasts, is to map to the extreme