The Type And Function Of ThePower Socket With Switch.

The type and function of the switch socket.

According to statistics, more than 1500 production switches and sockets in China are home to the appliance manufacturers, and only a third of the production licenses issued by relevant departments of the state are issued.There are many kinds of switches, and for our home, the need to buy switches should first know what kind of switch they are applicable to.

Type of socket switch.

Model 86 switch: everyone is the most common is the appearance of the switch socket, appearance size 86 mm * 86 mm, often called the switch type 86 switch, type 86 as the international standard, many developed countries are filled with 86 type, also is at present our country most of engineering and the most commonly used in domestic outfit switch.

Type 118 switch: the type 118 switch is generally referred to as a horizontal bar switch.The type 118 switch is generally free combinational style: inside the border card into different function module combination, in chongqing, hubei, guangxi and so on more.118 type switch list in electrician generally divided into a small box, the box and big box, long size is 118 mm, 154 mm and 195 mm, width is 74 mm, generally 118 type switch socket's advantage lies in his DIY style!More flexible, you can change colors according to your needs and preferences.

Simple comparison: the type 86 switch is up to four, but 118 can go to 8!But still very rare to see someone in eight open, 118 meeting on the number of loaded down with a lot less, but is 86 gb, he must have had a point, and switch socket is installed in the home, not just perform his most basic functions, the basic function of course better, choose good switch style, also can have a decorative function, can give you a rather sweet home!For electricians, 118 switch is more labor-saving. From a long-term security perspective, it is recommended to buy the type 86 switch.

Type 120 switch: the common module of type 120 is based on 1/3, that is, on the standard 120mm x 74mm panel of a vertical assembly, three 1/3 standard modules can be installed.The modules are divided into 1/3, 2/3 and 1 bits by size.The height of the type 120 finger panel is 120mm, which can be matched with one unit, two units or three units.

There are two kinds of shape dimensions of type 120 switch, one is single connection and 74mm x 120mm, which can be configured with one unit, two units or three units.One is a double connection, 120mm x 120mm, which can be configured with four units, five units or six units.

146 type switch: width is 2 times the ordinary switch socket, such as some four switch, such as 10 hole socket, panel size is 86 mm * 146 mm or similar size, mounting hole center distance of 120.6 ㎜, note: long cassette to install.146 years ago, it was popular, but gradually faded out of the market, and a small number of merchants in the market still have a small amount of stock.

The function of the socket switch.

However, there is also like two position short handle to choose switch this type of switch, the market switch socket variety, good and different, make the consumer choose and buy when not at all.

Switch socket is not only a kind of home decoration products function, but also the safe of the main components, the product quality, performance, material is qualitative to preventing fire, reduce loss has vital decisive role.