The Installation Method Of The Axial Fan

Ready to work

Pick it Out of the box to check the fan components are complete, the casing has bumps, in particular, pay attention to the head rectifier is bump deformation,

the connection is close, whether the blade motor damage, impeller rotation is flexible, such as the problem should be found Be repaired and adjusted. Check the installation of the fan base, it must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that the fan can withstand the load, while checking the base and fan connection dimensions meet the design requirements.

Installation matters

1, the fan-type ground-mounted installation of the damper through the bolts fixed to the fan base, with the center height adjustment pad to adjust the level of the shock absorbers, with fixed bolts will be fixed in the welded

steel plate on the basis of the connection If the fan does not need the shock absorber due to the earthquake and other reasons, the screw holes on the fan base and the embedded bolts on the foundation can be directly connected.

2, the side wall horizontal installation The basic requir

ements for installation of fans and the installation of the same ground-floor installation, but the installation bracket made of oblique-arm support, the bracket must have sufficient strength and rigidity, 10 # above fans should not be used this installation .

3. Suspension installation Firstly, the shock absorber and the fan are bolted together, the shock absorber is installed symmetrically and arranged on both sides of the center of gravity of the fan,the fan is directly inserted

and installed in the height of the suspension bracket and the suspension bracket according to the actual space distance Customized by the user, more than 16 # fans generally do not use this type of installation.

4, vertical mounting fan Vertical installation method and floor-mounted installation, the basis of the fan strength and stiffness requirements more stringent.

5, the fan and the pipe connections at both ends must be flexible joints to isolate vibration and fan protection.

Debug method

1, Axial fan placement is completed, before starting the fan rotation should check the flexibility to manually move the leaves if there is a phenomenon of jamming.  Check fan and adjacent pipes for any remaining items

and other debris.

2, check whether the damper in the pipeline is turned on.

3, the staff should be away from the fan.

4, start the fan, check whether the fan blade rotation mark consistent with the rotation, after passing the test, the trial run 10-30 minutes after the stop, check whether the loosening of leaves, vibration damping seat and the

base connection bolts loose, Everything is normal, it was officially started, put into operation.

Run the check

Axial flow fan in operation, the main monitor motor electricityFlow and current are not only the mark of fan load, but also the forecast of some abnormal changes.  In addition, always check the motor and fan vibration is normal and with or without friction, abnormal noise.  Fan parallel operation should pay attention to check whether the fan is running in the surge condition.  In normal operation, in the event of the following environment

should stop detection:

1, axial fan produces a strong vibration or scratching sound;

2, the motor current suddenly rose, and more than the motor Rated current

3, the motor bearing temperature rose sharply.

Run to start

   Axial fan operation depends on the motor driven, in fact, any device is the same, you want to get up and running must have a similar "engine."  In the choice of axial fan motor, the total hope that the motor can drive the impeller quickly reached the rated speed and work properly.  Motor start including power start and accelerate the entire process.  The starting method is divided into full pressure start and decompression start.

   Reasonable choice of motor starting method must be based on thecapacity of the power supply network,  themechanical load on the starting torque requirements,the characteristics of the motor itself and other factors, the specific analysis in order to obtain the required start-up time.  For example, the capacity of the grid is so great that the starting current of the motor does

not cause a significant voltage drop on the grid. In addition, the control circuit and equipment of the grid allow short-time sufficient starting currents to be applied to start the full voltage; The torque required at start-up is small, and the grid capacity is not large relative to the motor, then the main consideration is how to reduce the starting current and the use of decompression start.