The History Of The Trash Can 1

      In normal state, the small number of cases is rubbish, the traditional way to take up 14 trash can, with 150 hours to collect, and pneumatic garbage sorting collection system only takes up seven shaft (bin), collecting 1.4 hours.

      Combustible rubbish will be thermal power plant of the incinerator combustion, the combustion of part of energy into electrical energy, another part of heat energy is absorbed by water, and follow the "heat pipe" into the community residents of the home.Organic waste is sent to the biogas digester, and part of the methane gas goes into the residents' kitchen.

      In Stockholm, Sweden, han Ma Bei binhai new town (Hammarby), the garbage can like is bottomless - no matter how much you threw rubbish, trash will not overflow - this is not because the garbage workers and hard-working, in fact, even if you squat down beside the garbage can last year, also be caught a trash collector.Another strange thing is that, in the morning and evening, there was a faint hum of noise from the hammock underground, similar to the sound of a lampblack machine.In fact, this is an automatic garbage collection system in hamma bay.You can put the system as a combination of a set of underground pipeline and huge cleaner, the garbage in the special "sewer", running at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour to the village on the edge of the garbage collection point, speed is comparable to the subway.

      In simple terms, the "trash cans" here are actually vertical shafts connected to underground horizontal pipes.When the rubbish is thrown in, it will fall to the valve at the bottom of the shaft and rest here.The computer of the control system will direct the valve between a shaft and the horizontal pipe to open according to the time set by the program.At this point, the draught fan starts to start, the pipe "scratches" the wind from 18 to 25 meters per second, the air is wrapped in garbage, and runs to the central collection station.Before entering the central collection stations airtight garbage container, this also too XuanBing separator, according to the principle of aerodynamics, in the rotation, the garbage into the container, waste gas is rising, along the pipeline after waste gas processors with activated carbon and dust removal device, dust removal after deodorization was emitted.

"Clean and tidy" is the most common assessment of residents who use the system.The problem with traditional garbage collection is that once you throw in something like a box of watermelon skin, you'll get dirty water, and then the mosquitoes and the smell will come.The automatic garbage collection system is closed and will not cause such problems.In 2006, Gallup consulting company for the user has done a survey, the results show that, compared with the traditional way of garbage collection, more than 9 into users prefer automatic garbage collection system.For the average person, cleanliness is good, but it doesn't seem to matter much in the traditional way.But the benefits of automatic collection are evident in places where the secondary pollution of garbage can have serious consequences, such as hospitals and kitchens.In fact, the world's first garbage collection system was installed in a Swedish hospital, which has been running smoothly for 48 years since 1961.One of the three Beijing projects is the people's general hospital of the people's liberation army and the kitchen of the Chinese oil building.

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