The Development History Of The Centrifugal Fan

Development history

In 1862, the British, the bell invented the centrifugal fan, the impeller and casing concentric circular, chassis system of brick, wood after impeller used to straight blade, efficiency is only about 40%, mainly used for mine ventilation.

In 1880, the structure of the cochlear shell, which was designed for the mine drainage, and the centrifugal fan of the back curved blade, was improved.

In 1892, France developed a crossflow fan.In 1898, the Irishman designed the first sirocco centrifugal fan and was widely adopted by all countries.In the 19th century, axial flow fan has been applied in mine ventilation and metallurgical industry blast, but the pressure is only 100 ~ 100 mpa, efficiency was only about 15 ~ 25%, until the 20th century 40 s after get faster development.

In 1935, Germany first adopted axial flow and other compressive fans as boiler ventilation and ventilation.In 1948, Denmark was made into a axial flow fan with adjustable blade adjustable blades.Axial flow fan, meridian acceleration axial flow fan, inclined flow fan and crossflow fan;In 2002, China's explosion-proof centrifugal fan was widely used in chemical, petroleum, machinery and other fields, and the long lindong explosion-proof centrifugal fan was also developed.Centrifugal fan is stone processing enterprises commonly used auxiliary production equipment, mainly for the ventilation and dust removal device, such as stone cutting and grinding process of cyclone and bag dust collector and so on all need to use the centrifugal fan to dust removal process of production site, to ensure the production environment clean, protect producers to health of body and mind.The fan is a high energy dissipative equipment, consumption of the wind machine electricity proportion is larger in stone processing, as the growing of China's energy shortage and the popularization and application of high yield, high efficiency work face, saving energy and reducing consumption has become a common concern on the stone material production enterprises, many stone production enterprises to reduce the power consumption of the fan as the current important work.Reduce the power consumption of the fan in addition to improve the efficiency of the fan itself, adjust the way to reasonably choose the fan is the most important, because stone production load changes along with the demand of process time, The fan needs to adjust the flow according to the load of the host.At present, the energy-saving adjustment method of the fan of the stone processing enterprise is old, and the regulation of throttling is generally adopted.When using throttling, the flow of fan main regulating valves or throttling damper is used to adjust, fan section of large flow, low load throttling even more than 50%, because of the throttle loss and deviation run high efficient area, energy waste is very serious.And if adjust the speed of the fan, can cancel the throttle loss, can also ensure that the fan always runs in the efficient area, thus can save energy greatly.It can be said that regulating the speed of the fan is an effective way to save energy, which reflects the new trend of industrial production of building materials.