Teach You Some Knowledge About Wall Switch

Wall switch classification

"Wall switch" refers to the electrical switch used on the wall to connect and disconnect the circuit and control the light switch.Electrical products in the narrow sense usually refer only to the switches and sockets in the electrical construction.Wall switch colloquial name: control lamp switch.


The switch has the difference between dual control and single control, and each unit has one more terminal than single control.A lamp can be controlled in the room, and it can be controlled outside the room. It can be called dual control. Dual control switch can be used as single control, but the single control switch cannot be double-controlled.

1.1: switch classification,

According to the starting mode of the switch: pull switch, rotary switch, reverse switch, button switch, rocker switch. Touch switch, reset switch, light switch, etc.

1.2: the commonly used switches are classified according to the connection mode.

According to the connection mode of the switch: single control switch, double control switch, double pole double control switch, etc.

1.3 according to specification and size.

Size: 86, 118, 120.

Geographical distribution: most of the domestic use of type 86 switch (80% of the country), some areas use 118, 120 use very few.

1.4 classification by function.

A single (double) control (double) control (double) control (double) control.

The sound light control delay switch touch delay switch the door bell switch to adjust the switch.

The socket

The wall switch, in the narrow sense is the switch, actually refers to the wall switch, the wall outlet this large area.There are mechanical, intelligent, flat and stilted.

2.1 computer sockets are also known as network sockets, cable sockets, broadband sockets and network panels.The network is separated from the telephone, so there is a telephone computer integrated socket;The other network is separated from cable TV, so there is a TV computer integrated socket.

2.2 telephone socket

2.3 TV socket is also known as TV socket, TV panel and cable socket.

2.4 air conditioning socket, also known as 16A socket, because the general socket is 10A current, and the air conditioning socket is 16A current.

2.5118 socket is horizontal rectangle, 120 socket is longitudinal rectangle, 86 socket is square.The socket is generally divided into one, two, three and four sockets.The socket is usually a five-hole socket, or a five-hole socket or a five-hole socket.