Simple Installation Of Water Inlet Pipe Of Washing Machine

Today, share a simple way to install a washing machine inlet pipe,

Because a lot of people will not install, and the standard method is difficult to install, this method

eliminates the trouble of screw up, and fast and simple.

First of all, let's take a look at the standard washing machine inlet pipe:

This is the standard water inlet pipe joint of washing machine,

When you get this tube,

Don't rush into the faucet of the washing machine,

Let's split it up first,

Hold the white part and the blue part of the joint separately,

Press the blue part down and become the two part:

At this point you can see that the white part of the pipe is actually very similar to the faucet of the washing machine,

Then prepare the faucet: insert the faucet of the washing machine into the pipe joint of the washing machine, and this is not inserted,

Let's press the blue part down,

Until the whole faucet is plugged in,

At this time, release, tube and washing machine head is good, as follows: