Principle Classification Of Air Cooling Radiator

The players when installed, the most like traditional radiator is air cooled radiator, its biggest characteristic is simple, effective, and water-cooled radiator often less used because of the high prices.


A large number of integrated circuits are used in computer components.As we all know, high temperature is the enemy of the integrated circuit.High temperatures not only cause the system to run unsteadily, shorten the service life, and even burn some parts.The heat is not coming from outside the computer, but inside the computer, or inside the integrated circuit.The role of the radiators is to absorb the heat and then spread it out into the box or outside the cabinet to ensure the temperature of the computer parts is normal.Most radiator with fever parts surface contact, absorption of heat, to transfer heat to the distance, through various methods such as the air inside the case, then the case will be the hot air to the outside casing, complete computer heat dissipation.

Principle of wind and cold dissipation

From the point of view of thermodynamics, the object of the absorption of heat, heat is relative, that there is a difference in temperature, is bound to happen from the high temperature heat transfer to the low temperature, it is very common in nature and engineering technology of a kind of phenomenon.There are three types of heat transfer: radiation, convection and conduction, and heat conduction is the fastest.Air cooling, in fact, forced convection heat dissipation.Convective heat transfer refers to the process of heat transfer occurring at different temperatures when a fluid is in contact with a solid surface or fluid.Heat source to heat to medium of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity in heat conduction way, again by medium to heat sink base, the base will be handed to the heat radiator fin and the forced convection with the fan and the air molecules, the heat into the air.The fan constantly blows cold air into the heat sink and out of the hot air, completing the heat dissipation process.

Classification of air cooled radiator

As a mainstream product category, the air-cooled radiator is the main product of the whole IT cooling market.However, the air-cooled radiator can be divided into the following categories according to the use position:

(1) CPU radiator products: due to the high performance and high heat of CPU, the CPU is getting higher and higher in the process of continuous integration, so it is urgent to heat the CPU radiator.

(2) the VGA radiator products: in recent years, with 3 d, video, animation, games and so on in the field of visual focus continuously strengthen innovation ability, the demand for the graphics card is becoming more and more high, from simple one-dimensional made to superb 3 d production, VGA graphics function is also constantly in concentrated, integrated, especially the GPU products, more powerful performance.

(3) other cooling equipment, besides the CPU and VGA, there is the demand for heat dissipation of the north-south bridge, the other areas of the server motherboard and so on.

(4) in addition to the radiator itself, there are a lot of different types of cooling fan in recent years.Then the LED lights fan and so on.