How To Distinguish The Difference Between Joint And Analysis Of Metallic Hose Selection

Metal hose, NPT, PT, g, metric thread of meaning and distinction

Metal hose thread contains many types, a lot of people are not too well aware, on some of these threads in accordance with interpretation and explanation:

NPT,PT,G are pipe thread

NPT is a National (American) abbreviation for Pipe Thread, NPT is American standard taper pipe threads for sealing. Belonging to United States standards of 60 degree tapered pipe threads, used in North America. National standards can be found GB/T12716-1991

PT is the abbreviation of Pipe Thread, is 55 degrees sealed tapered pipe thread, Whitworth thread of the genus family, used in many European and Commonwealth countries. Often used in the water and gas pipes, taper is 1:16. National standards can be found GB/T7306-2000