How To Choose A Good Power Socket With Switch For Family

At the mention of socket, a lot of people tend to be dismissed, thought it was just a transfer function for one to N, it is ok to buy a casually, after we buy a  computer ,the boss will usually just send a cheap Power strip, consumers also tend to feel that figure to affordable, and I don't know many fire accident is originated in the things you don't blow hole, and buy a fake platooninsert, in fact, for the future of planted hidden danger of accident.How to select switch socket?Many like multi-function socket, now still have waterproof socket, solid wood outlet and so on, what brand of the socket is good?How to choose?

The main points of family application:

If it is a video audio product, such as TV, audio and video, the power converter with filtering function can provide a pure current;

If it is more sophisticated network equipment, such as computer, server, etc., a lightning protection insert is essential;

If home appliances, or need to use the high-power household appliances, it is best to choose a overload protection of the strip, so that will not lead to unnecessary loss due to overload.

Technical essentials selection techniques:

The cut area of copper wire is equal to 0.75 square centimeters.Let's take a look at the knowledge of the wire in the outside.Platooninsert external wire generally take three lines, and line the inside material is usually copper wire, copper wire thickness directly affected the quality of the whole thread, wire used in the inferior platooninsert tend to look more rough outside and inside copper wire is very thin.Sectional area of 0.75 square centimeters can theoretically under the condition of using 2500 w high power no heat, and inferior tend to be far below the standard, that is to say, the received power tend to only 1000 w will lead to copper wire become soft, fracture, and then cause fire accidents.

The copper plates at the socket will at least use phosphor bronze as contact.Inferior platooninsert often USES is brass strip, very easy to rust, but after several times of insertion often holding force reduces, causes the plug is loose, and good quality strip at least will adopt phosphor bronze as contact shrapnel, the material in the plug will still keep good after many times of clamping force.

The I/O switch USES silver contacts.Now platooninsert generally take a separate I/O switch, the switch contact part is quite important, using common copper contact is easy to cause arc, which is when we plug socket will see the reason of Mars, and USES the silver contact can avoid the occurrence of the situation.

Surge protection, lightning protection protection, leakage protection, overvoltage protection and power filter protection products.According to the national safety standards, qualified quality strip must have a maximum protection design, such as packet switch, fuse, etc., while the design looks be like simple, but the effect is very important, when the lightning flash and electrostatic surge these design can quickly cut off the power supply or filtering load, so as to ensure the safety of electrical appliances.