Flexible Hose High Temperature, Corrosion Resistance, Safety

The length of the Flexible Hose should not exceed 2 meters, because too long will increase the resistance of the inlet tube to reduce the pressure, reduce the stove heat flow, too short will cause the phenomenon of pulling, Flexible Hose easy to fall off.

Flexible Hose every two years for a change, should be regularly checked and found that aging, cracking, scorching, rat bite, etc. to be replaced in time.

Natural gas pipeline home after connecting the stove are generally rubber Flexible Hose, a long time easy to crack, loss of sealing, causing natural gas leakage, resulting in accidents. There is a long time do not clean the stove with a fire core, resulting in tempering. And even individual residents even use ordinary water pipes as natural gas Flexible Hose, with a dedicated gas Flexible Hose compared to the ordinary plastic pipe, whether it is resistant to pressure or firmness are poor. In the installation of the Flexible Hose can choose the gas company, stove companies and other professional qualified units.

Special note is: for a mouse or ant insect house, pay special attention to check whether the Flexible Hose was trapped by the traces of rats, it is recommended to use anti-mouse (pest) biting, high temperature, corrosion resistance, safety performance of the metal Flexible Hose instead of rubber Flexible Hose.

If the residents choose to replace themselves, follow the steps below to operate ↓ ↓ ↓

One is to open the kitchen window ventilation, close the stove before the valve (the handle switch and pipe at right angles), while the fire will be exhausted in the Flexible Hose;

Second, loosen the Flexible Hose at the interface, remove the tube hoop, remove the aging Flexible Hose;

Three is the new Flexible Hose cut into the same as the old Flexible Hose, set the tube card;

Fourth, in the pipeline interface, coated with soap and water, the Flexible Hose will be put on the pipeline and push, to ensure that the interface and the warning line alignment;

Five is to tighten the screws on the tube card;

6 is the interface to check and confirm the safety, leak detection can be soapy water (or detergent water) brush to the Flexible Hose interface, if the leak, the interface will bubble.

● regularly check the gas Flexible Hose is foam, cracking, gas Flexible Hose life of not more than 2 years, found that aging should be replaced, do not use expired and poor quality Flexible Hose.

● The life of the gas cooker and water heater is 8 years.

● The burner should be cleaned regularly to avoid damage caused by tempering. In addition, the tempering produce a lot of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, may endanger human health.

● In order to avoid accidents, please do not live in a room where there is a gas facility, and you can not use a room with a gas facility instead of a bedroom or a bathroom that does not have safe use.

● When suddenly stopped, remember to close the gas burner valve and the stove front valve. Away from home, before going to bed, to see the stop notice, to be re-check the gas burner valve and the stove before the valve is closed, so that people off, fire off, valve off.

● smell the smell of gas, first open the doors and windows to keep the air convection, add soap with soap and other water into the foam after the inspection, if there is leakage, will blow bubbles; or close the valve, observe the gas meter on the right side of the first red, Whether or not to go in a minute.

● use the open fire to check whether the gas leak is very dangerous, if suspected gas leak, should immediately shut down all the gas pipeline valve, window ventilation, do not open any electrical switches at home, ban the fire, away from the leak point of the safe place cut off the home power supply.