Flexible Hose Flexible, Strong Environment Adaptability

Flexible Hose is an important part in modern industry. Flexible Hose is mainly used as wire, cable, automatic instrumentation signal cable protection pipe and civil shower Flexible Hose, specifications from 3mm to 150mm. Small caliber Flexible Hose (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for the sensor line protection of precision optical ruler and industrial sensor line protection.

Ultra-high wear-resisting antistatic polyurethane Flexible Hose is a positive pressure conveying can be flat coil Flexible Hose, from the TPU inner layer, fiber reinforced layer and TPU outer layer composition, forming a wire to solve the Flexible Hose in the oil transportation process generated electrostatic problems. Can transport gas, water, oil and other media, no pollution to the medium of transmission. In some cases, the pipe and rubber pipe can be replaced, compared with steel pipe and rubber pipe, it has the advantages of light weight, high pressure bearing, high conveying efficiency, soft texture, easy to reel, convenient operation, fast laying and withdrawing speed, flexible and adaptable environment, safe and reliable use and durability.

In addition, according to the use of the customer, when the same material can not meet the requirements of the adhesive layer and the outer layer, during molding, the inner and outer plastic layer can choose two different TPU materials, such as transporting oil, the inner layer chooses the material with good oil resistance, while the outer rubber layer does not contact with oil, but should have good UV resistance or wear-resisting properties, Need to choose a UV or wear-resistant materials.

1, Flexible Hose and piping, the connection of the ignition should be tight, the installation should be firm;

2, when the Flexible Hose exists bending, stretching, cracking, aging and other phenomena should not be used;

3, when the Flexible Hose and the ignition connection, its length should not exceed 2m, and no interface;

4, when the Flexible Hose and mobile industrial gas equipment connection, its length should not exceed 30m, the interface should not exceed 2;

5, Flexible Hose should be lower than 30mm cooker panel;

6. Under no circumstances shall the Flexible Hoses pass through walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows;

7. Non-metallic Flexible Hoses shall be divided into two or more branches of pipe.