Cooling Fan New Generation Of Environmental Protection, Energy Saving

In the hot summer, there are more and more appliances in the market to cool off. In addition to the fans and air conditioners that are often used, there has been a fan upgrade in the past few years. As the name suggests, Cooling Fan is the same as the fan, depending on the effect of the wind to cool down, only blowing out is the cold wind, then the Cooling Fan good, the effect how? How to use a cold fan?

When people stand at the seaside, the sea breeze gently blows out to feel particularly cool, because the seawater absorbs the heat in the air and evaporates, causing the air temperature to drop, bringing people cool cold air. Evaporative air conditioner is based on this natural phenomenon, the nature of the phenomenon and High-tech artificial evaporation refrigeration technology, the development of a new generation of environmental protection, energy-saving air-conditioning.

In midsummer, the air-conditioning station consumes electricity. The Cooling Fan can not only cool the heat but also save electricity. So how to correctly use the cold fan to make it play a better effect, prolong the service life?

A. The cooling fan should be placed level, note that the use must not tilt, before using the check socket power supply and the fan nameplate on the same parameters.

B. The general Cooling Fan is equipped with two ice crystals, each night, put one of them in the refrigerator freezer freezer for a period of time, the next day to put out in the tank for use, the effect is better.

C. Use pure water whenever possible in water supply cooling units. Pure water components of high purity, bacteria and less debris, not easy to plug the pipeline, not easy to breed bacteria.

D. After a long time operation of the Cooling Fan, because of the dust, dirt blockage, will affect the filter net, the Wind curtain air volume and refrigeration effect. So, it's best to clean every two weeks.

E. The use of cold fan, the distance should not be too close, should maintain air circulation and humidity balance.

F. Please remember to unplug the power plug before adding water and cleaning.

G. Cooling Fan for a long time, should be the water tank clean, normal temperature to send the wind for a while, so that the machine in particular, the part of the filter completely dry through the plastic bag cover, for re-use.