Cooling Fan More In Line With The Requirements Of Health And Environmental Protection

According to the Cooling Fan to cool the way to choose: the current market sales of Cooling Fans generally have two cooling methods, this is the curtain rolling and ice crystal storage, which curtains rolling cooling for the first generation of product cooling methods, The shortcomings of the outlet temperature is high, the cooling effect is not obvious, the current mainstream ice cold storage of Cooling Fans, the advantage is to minimize the air temperature, and can maintain a longer time, in addition, if the air conditioning fan With anion oxygen bar function and photocatalyst material, the indoor air dust filter, purification, it is more in line with the requirements of health and environmental protection.

According to the cooling mode of Cooling Fan to choose: we also want to pay attention when buying Cooling Fan cooling methods, different ways of cooling the price will be different, take the current popular two kinds of refrigeration on the way: The cooling fan has the advantage of being small in size, low in price, and low in power consumption. While the pump-type cooling method of small noise, cooling uniform and lasting, but the price is higher. We can according to their own needs to buy, of course, the economic capacity of the circumstances recommended to recommend the choice of pump cooling fan.

According to the appearance of Cooling Fans and work to pick: first of all should check the air conditioning fan product packaging is complete, whether the product brand, product model, factory date, safety certification and other important information, and other high-quality Cooling Fans with sophisticated materials, workmanship , Modeling and other characteristics of smooth, careful observation can be completely avoided to buy cottage inferior products.

How do I use the Cooling Fan correctly?

A. The Cooling Fan should be placed horizontally. Note that it should not be tilted when used. Check whether the socket power supply is consistent with the parameters on the fan nameplate before use.

B. The general Cooling Fan is equipped with two ice crystals, every night, put one of the refrigerator in the refrigerator freezer for some time, the next day out to put in the tank with the effect of better.

C. When water is supplied to the water cooling unit, use pure water as much as possible. Pure water composition of high purity, less bacteria debris, not easy to plug the pipeline, not easy to breed bacteria.

D. Cooling Fan running for a long time, due to dust, dirt blockage, will affect the filter, air curtain air volume and cooling effect. So, it is best to wash once every two weeks

E. When using a Cooling Fan, the distance should not be too close, should keep the air circulation and humidity balance.

F. Do not remember to unplug the power plug before cleaning.

G. Cooling Fan for a long time do not, should the water inside the tank clean up, room temperature air for some time, so that the machine part of the filter completely dry and then plastic bag sets, for reuse.

Maintenance skills

How to clean the Cooling Fan?

After the Cooling Fan running for a long time, the filter due to dust, dirt obstruction affect the air volume and cooling effect, it is best to wash once a week, as follows:

A. Unplug the power, loose screws, remove the rear cover;

B. Unplug the connector and remove the filter from the rear cover;

C. With detergent and water to reconcile the appropriate concentration;

D. The filter and the rear cover into the container, with a soft brush brush can be a few times.

E. Reinstall the filter and rear cover back into place.