Cooling Fan More Fresh Air, Remove The Smell Of The Function

Summer, many friends for this house outside the hot weather headache endless. But with the continuous development of science and technology and people's living standards, the traditional fan has been unable to meet people's needs. Many new types of refrigeration equipment are popular, such as air conditioning and Cooling Fans. But what is the difference between air conditioning and Cooling Fans? Cooling Fan and air conditioning which is better?

What is the difference between a Cooling Fan and an air conditioner?

A Cooling Fan

1. Cooling Fan is a new concept of the fan, both air supply, refrigeration, heating and clean air, humidification and other functions in one, with water as a medium, can be sent below the room temperature of the cold, can also send warm and humid wind.

2. Compared with the fan, the Cooling Fan is more fresh air, remove the smell of the function, and the power is only about 60-80W, the price also has affinity. A Cooling Fan positioned between air conditioning and fans, which is very suitable for older people. It can save money, and will not blow out the cold wind harm your health.

3. Cooling Fan is only used for cooling air supply, for the winter heating demand, can not meet.

Second, air conditioning

1. Air conditioning is the air conditioner, adjust the temperature, humidity, hanging air conditioning is used to provide a space area (usually closed) to deal with changes in air temperature of the unit. Its function is to adjust the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and air flow rate of the air in the room (or enclosed space, area) to meet the requirements of human comfort or process.

2. In the design and manufacture of air conditioners, the temperature is usually allowed to control between 16 ~ 32 ℃. If the temperature is set too low, on the one hand to increase the unnecessary power consumption, on the other hand caused by indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large.

3. The air conditioner is accompanied by dehumidification during the cooling process. People feel comfortable relative humidity should be about 40 ~ 60%, when the relative humidity is too large as more than 90%, even if the temperature in the comfort range, the human feeling is still poor.

4. Heat pump type and electric type air conditioner have the heating function. The heating capacity decreases gradually with the outdoor environmental temperature, if the temperature at -5 ℃ when almost no heating requirements.

5. The air contains a certain amount of harmful gases such as NH3, SO2, etc., as well as a variety of sweat, body odor and bath stench and other odor. Air conditioner purification methods are: for fresh air, filtration, the use of activated carbon or photocatalyst adsorption and absorption.

What is better for Cooling Fans and air conditioners?

Cooling Fans and air conditioning can be said to be different, the specific choice or according to your preferences to decide.

1. The advantages and disadvantages of Cooling Fans

Advantages: lower than the average fan temperature of 5-6 degrees, low power consumption, the price lower, and some products also have the role of warm air and the installation of negative ion function, small size, easy to move.

Disadvantages: for large area cooling effect is not very good.

Personal preference for the choice of Cooling Fan, does not affect the health, such as Airmate Cooling Fan, thicker new generation of ice core core cooling design, cooling effect is quite good, and has a plasma function, fresh air, healthy and practical, comprehensive advantages and disadvantages, Much stronger.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning Advantages: can significantly adjust the indoor air temperature, and can be adjusted according to the need for different temperatures. And listed early, many brands, can choose a large room.

Disadvantages: bulky, expensive, and after use because of indoor seal, the air is not in circulation, indoor air temperature is not uniform, easy to produce discomfort, and susceptible to air conditioning disease. While the power is larger, power consumption, and easy to move consumers are difficult to accept.

In short, the Cooling Fan and air conditioning have their own characteristics, if the requirements of comfort, we can choose air conditioning, but the air conditioning can adjust the indoor temperature to a very pleasant level, but also easy to make indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large to make people cold or suffering from air conditioning Disease, is not conducive to human health. While the Cooling Fan relative to the air conditioning will be a lot of health, but its cooling effect is certainly not as obvious as air conditioning. So the specific choice which one, or according to the actual situation in your home to decide.