Cooling Fan Make Sure You Have A Spacious Door Or Window

Hot summer to come, in the hot season, each cooling of electrical equipment and began selling up, in addition to the traditional air-conditioning, electric fans, in recent years we have a more selection, that is Is a Cooling Fan, the use of Cooling Fans both with the cooling effect near the air conditioning, and the Cooling Fan blowing out the wind is natural wind, and thus more healthy than air conditioning, then the Cooling Fan with how it, the use of Cooling Fan precautions? We feel it is necessary to first understand the specific situation.

1, according to the Cooling Fan cooling method to select: Now the market for the sale of Cooling Fans are usually two ways to cool, this is not the curtains and ice crystal cold storage, during which curtains roll down the cooling for the first generation of goods cooling method , The shortcomings of the outlet is the high temperature, cooling effect is not significant, and now the mainstream is the ice cold storage of Cooling Fans, the benefits can be greatly limited to drop the air temperature, and can maintain a longer moment, the other , If the air conditioning fan with negative ion oxygen bar function and photocatalyst material, the indoor air dust filter, purification, it is more fit health and environmental protection of the request.

2, according to the Cooling Fan of the cooling method to select: we also want to pay attention when buying Cooling Fan cooling method, not the same way the difference will be the difference between the cooling, take the market now popular two kinds of refrigeration methods: In the meantime, the Cooling Fan of the curtain-type cooling method has the advantages of small volume, low offer and low power consumption. While the pump-type cooling method of small noise, cooling evenly durable, but offer higher. We can according to their own needs to buy, of course, the economy can allow the situation under the recommended selection of the pump cooling method of the Cooling Fan.

3, according to the appearance of Cooling Fans and work to pick: first should check the air conditioning fan of the product packaging is not intact, is not a commodity brand, product type, factory date, safety certification and other first information, other good Cooling Fan With the use of materials stress, detailed workmanship, shape and other characteristics of the flow, careful observation will be able to completely prevent the acquisition of cottage products to the cottage.

Cooling Fan use Note:

1, the unit used for a long time, should ensure that machine fight equipment robust, if there is risk should immediately tell the professionals to repair.

2, this goods in the delivery, equipment, operation process, please do not close to the fire, or will cause the unit burned, and even fire incidents.

3, please pay attention to the inlet pipe, drainage pipe is not connected well, otherwise the leakage may constitute the damage to other equipment or goods.

4, to ensure a better effect should ensure that there is a spacious door or window.

5, do not stand or sit on the unit, or put any items on it, may constitute a machine damage, overturned or items fall off wounds and other incidents.

6, the operation process, do not open the transponders, roof and other machine parts, such as repair, maintenance of the machine should first intercept the power, or may cause damage to the machine or casualties.

7, the unit wiring should be accurate and robust, to prevent the mouse bite and prevent heavy pressure, stretching, unauthorized changes in power lines or control lines. (If the power cord is damaged, it is necessary to replace it by the manufacturer or its repair department or similar full-time personnel.) Grounding: It is necessary to securely ground! The grounding wire must be connected to the special grounding reverse equipment of the construction. )

8, in order to ensure the role of cooling, think about the installation of filters to maintain the transpiration.

9, do not use the capacity of inaccurate lines or other wire, there may be caused by defects or fire.

10, the humidity, the temperature has severe pleading occasions should be used to counsel professional use.

11, the operation of any abnormal situation, should immediately stop using and please tell the production company or distribution point repair.

How about the Cooling Fan and how to use the Cooling Fan precautions related to the situation, Xiaobian today to sort out here. However, Xiaobian still want to remind the use of Cooling Fans in the summer is certainly better than the use of air conditioning, but the use of Cooling Fans are also more trouble, no air conditioning to use convenient, so we have to see if they can accept the Cooling Fan Advantages and disadvantages, and then buy Cooling Fan bar.