Cooling Fan Environmental Protection, Energy - Saving Air - Conditioning

In the hot summer months, the market is used to cool the lives of electrical appliances are also more and more. In addition to the frequent use of fans and air conditioning, the past few years there has been a fan of the upgraded version of the Cooling Fan. As the name suggests the Cooling Fan is the same with the fan, by the hair to achieve the effect of cooling, but blown out of the cold air only, then the Cooling Fan easy to use, how the effect? Cooling Fan how to use it?

Is the Cooling Fan easy to use?

When people stand by the sea, the sea breeze gently blows out when feeling particularly cool, this is because the sea water to absorb the heat in the air and evaporate, so that the air temperature drops, so as to bring people cool cool air. Evaporative air-conditioning is based on this natural phenomenon, the nature of the phenomenon and high-tech artificial evaporative cooling technology combined to develop a new generation of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient air-conditioning.

1, less investment, performance (only the traditional central air conditioning 1/8 power)

2, the use of chillers can not close the doors and windows.

3, can be indoor turbidity, hot and smell the air to replace the outdoor.

4, less power consumption, each hour electricity consumption at 1.1 degrees, without Freon.

5, each chill air supply: 6000-80000 cubic meters.

6, each cold wind covering an area of 100-130 square meters.

7, cooling the main part (wet curtain) using imported parts.

How to use the Cooling Fan

1, the Cooling Fan should be placed in a dry place, before use to check the socket power supply and fan nameplate on the same parameters, to avoid the connection error lead to short circuit.

2, the Cooling Fan with two ice crystals, when not in use can be taken out of ice crystals, frozen into the refrigerator freezer, when used to re-put back.

3, in the cold water tank to the water tank, as far as possible the use of pure water, because the pure water impurities less, not easy to plug the pipeline.

4, the use of Cooling Fans, do not put the Cooling Fan in the relatively close to the place, so as not to air volume is too large, leading to illness.

5, the use of Cooling Fan 1-3 hours, to open the window ventilation, in addition, do not use for too long a long time, so as to avoid damage to internal parts.

6, the Cooling Fan every time you use, have to plug out, place away from water and flammable materials far away.