Cooling Fan Cooling Effect Is Relatively High

Cooling Fan believe that many people are not very familiar with the summer, many people know that air conditioning to us to increase the coolness, but there is a way to use the Cooling Fan, then the next step to follow the pace of Xiaobian together to understand the next How does the Cooling Fan work with Cooling Fans?

Cooling Fan is the use of the principle of natural cold wind, the heat in the air evaporation, so that the air temperature drop, so as to bring people cool air. This combination of nature and high-tech artificial evaporative cooling technology, developed a new generation of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient air-conditioning.

In the hot summer environment, the air dry / wet bulb humidity difference is large, so the cooling effect at this time is relatively high. Outdoor fresh air through the evaporative air-conditioning filter and cooling after a steady stream into the room, and the room with a smell, dust, high temperature turbidity air out of the room, so that the indoor temperature is reduced, the oxygen content of the air And the quality is relatively stable. Therefore, the evaporative air-conditioning function to achieve the dual effect of cooling and ventilation, thus creating a fresh and comfortable living and working environment. \ A. The cooling fan should be placed horizontally. Note that it should not be tilted when used. Check whether the socket power supply is consistent with the parameters on the fan nameplate before use.

B. The general Cooling Fan is equipped with two ice crystals, every night, put one of the refrigerator in the refrigerator freezer for some time, the next day out to put in the tank with the effect of better.

C. When water is supplied to the water cooling unit, use pure water as much as possible. Pure water composition of high purity, less bacteria debris, not easy to plug the pipeline, not easy to breed bacteria.

D. Cooling Fan running for a long time, due to dust, dirt blockage, will affect the filter, air curtain air volume and cooling effect. So, it is best to wash once every two weeks

E. When using a Cooling Fan, the distance should not be too close, should keep the air circulation and humidity balance.

F. Do not remember to unplug the power plug before cleaning.

G. Cooling Fan for a long time do not, should the water inside the tank clean up, room temperature air for some time, so that the machine part of the filter completely dry and then plastic bag sets, for reuse.

1, personnel intensive or the use of a short time and the need for rapid cooling of the place,

Such as: auditorium, conference room, church, school, canteen, gymnasium, exhibition hall, shoe factory, garment factory, toy factory, vegetable market;

2, a polluting gas smell strong, dusty places,

Such as: hospital hall, waiting room, kitchen and chemical plant, plastic factory, electronics factory, chemical fiber plant, leather factory, spraying silk screen factory, rubber factory, printing and dyeing factory, textile mill,

3, there are heating equipment or high temperature production sites

Such as: mechanical processing, injection molding, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, food processing, glass, home appliances, etc. Production workshop:

4, the need for open doors of the shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, casinos, waiting room; for agricultural research and training center or base.