Cooling Fan Cooling Effect Is Relatively High

When people stand by the sea, the sea breeze gently blows out when feeling particularly cool, this is because the sea water to absorb the heat in the air and evaporate, so that the air temperature drops, so as to bring people cool cool air. Evaporative air-conditioning is based on this natural phenomenon,Cooling Fan the nature of the phenomenon and high-tech artificial evaporative cooling technology combined to develop a new generation of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient air-conditioning.

In the hot summer environment, the air dry / wet bulb humidity difference is large, so at this time the cooling effect is relatively high. Outdoor fresh air through the evaporative air-conditioning filter and cooling after a steady stream into the room, and the room with a smell, dust,Cooling Fan high temperature turbidity air out of the room, so that the indoor temperature is reduced, the oxygen content of the air And the quality is relatively stable. Therefore, the evaporative air-conditioning function to achieve the dual effect of cooling and ventilation, thus creating a fresh and comfortable living and working environment.

No speed function Model control panel Operating Instructions:

Water level control function (assuming: D point for the high water level, A point for the water level, B point for the low water level, C point for the lack of water)

1, the initial power, if the water level at the C point, the display of water shortages, automatically open the inlet valve water, until the water level rose to A point, the water is off, the water level to D accounted for only stop the water. If the water level between the point C and D, the pump can start to show the low water level without showing the lack of failure, automatically open the inlet valve water,Cooling Fan water level to D point to stop the water.

2, the process of running, when the water level in the C point, the water short light, the pump does not work, when the water level rose to A point, the pump began to work, water indicator light off, when the water level rose to D point, The inlet valve stops working, when the water level drops to point B, the inlet valve opens and the automatic water feed stops at point D.

Note: If the function of the control panel is not connected, all functions of the control panel can not be activated, the power symbol, the water mark is long, the fan symbol, the cooling symbol, the cleaning symbol and the air swing symbol are flashing.

Inlet valve protection function: in any working state, the inlet valve to open the water 15 minutes later, if the water level does not change, the inlet valve will stop the water, 15 minutes after the re-open the water, the specific process is as follows (m :minute):

Open 15m → stop 15m → open 15m → stop 15m → open 15m → stop 30m → open 15m → stop 30m

Host protection function: In the air or cooling state, if the control panel and the motherboard between the control line is disconnected, the host will stop after 10 seconds, to standby; if 10 seconds to re-continue to run.

Fault alarm function: In the cooling or air supply state,Cooling Fan the fault indicator flashes to indicate the undercurrent, the fault indicator flashes and the buzzer alarm indicates overcurrent, and all the equipment will stop working.

A, pre-season maintenance: before the start of the season, check the unit around and the inlet with or without obstruction.

B, unit maintenance: pay attention to the chassis clean, should be a day "cleaning" button to prevent bacteria, odor occurred.

C, unit cycle maintenance: the unit running 1-2 months, such as wet curtain, filter plug or chassis is too dirty should be made when cleaning,Cooling Fan so as not to cause machine failure.

D, the end of the season maintenance: (long time do not, remember to clear the water and cut off the power Oh!) To prevent damage to the body and mosquito damage, long time to stop, should be closed tap water, and then press the cleaning button to clear the water, and Cut off the power.

E, the unit's internal cleaning: If the unit for a long time running, in order to ensure the cooling effect, the machine must be 1 or 2 months cleaning time;