Automatic Washing Machine Water How To Install

Automatic washing machine water how to install

1, install inlet pipe connector. Press the locking lever lower down slider, remove the inlet pipe connector from the inlet part, and then 4 screws of inlet pipe joints loosened up to tap on, the inlet connector on the faucet, equalization of fasten inlet pipe 4 screws on the connector, and then peel off the tags on the joints and tighten the connector nut. Inlet connection must be fitted to a wall near the faucet, in order to avoid inconvenience wall screw fastening, before installation to the wall side of the inlet pipe connector screw fastening. Faucet diameter is large inlet header is not on, then remove the bushing after installation;

2, inlet pipe inlet pipe Connector connection method. Under the slide the inlet head pressure, inlet pipe inserted into the hose joint locking lever hook into the hose joint drop sliders, heard was given a "popping" sound installation in place.