A Few Tips To Teach You How To Determine The Direction Of Cooling Fan Exhaust Direction

A few tips to teach you how to determine the direction of cooling fan exhaust direction

Cooling fan exhaust is actually to help mechanical equipment exhaust hot air, reduce the internal temperature of the equipment. Compared with blowing, heat dissipation efficiency of heat dissipation fan is higher, which is embodied in the following aspects.

A. air supply uniformity, suitable for heating device distribution is more uniform, the air duct is more complex

The flow of B. into the fan is laminar flow

The C. fan will operate under the high temperature airflow at the outlet, and the service life will be affected

The negative pressure is formed in the D. cabinet, and dust in the gap will enter the cabinet / box

So how to determine the direction of the cooling fan exhaust direction, the following teach you how to identify the direction of cooling fan exhaust direction

1. look at the direction of rotation: radiator fan is generally clockwise rotation is blowing,.

2. see the label: there is a label that surface is ventilation, no label on the suction.

3. look at the fan side: marked steering and wind direction

4. look at the shape of the fan: see the bending direction of the fan blade, bend over there is the exhaust

5. dial with your fingers: the direction that is not easy to dial

6. smoke test: point a cigarette, open the fan, put the smoke in front of the fan, if smoke is sucked in, that is sucked, if blow out, that is blowing