Which brand of socket is good and how to choose a good arrangement?

Platooninsert choose always take extra care, because if the poor quality, very easy to cause potential safety hazard, platooninsert accidentally burned out, and even damage electrical appliances, more serious may cause a fire.So how to choose a good arrangement, socket which brand?

The switch socket selects the full guide.

When choosing platooninsert, safety is our first concern, exhaust outlet quality, safety and the exhaust outlet material, electrical, specifications, production process, safety certification, etc.Here are a few simple ways to tell the difference, usually on the packaging or the instructions.On the basis of security, you can choose your favorite appearance and personalized placement.

Material selection

The materials used in the high quality platter are excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance. The material has strong stability and is not easy to change color.In addition to the advanced plastic, the switch panel also has gold, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials, providing more and more choices for people.

Look feel

Good quality, smooth surface smooth, uniform color, texture;The brand logo on the panel should be clear and full, without any burr on the surface.Class a row, high quality platoon in a lot of copper and silver metal, there will be no light feeling.The switch button is very flexible and smooth.

Packing and instruction

Check the packing and instruction, and the new national label is printed on the label "according to gb2099.3-2008 standard".The import brand must have the Chinese instruction manual.The product name, brand and technical indicators are clearly marked, from installation to safety precautions.These are all things to be aware of when choosing a platoon.

With the ground

Our screening socket when the choose and buy must choose with ground wire screening, in line with the new national standard of plug has three pin plug, one of them is connected to the ground, new gb has banned the production of the poles and three pole socket merged together and only two pin universal platooninsert, new gb insist on strip is the poles and three pole socket separate combinations, namely the three hole and two hole is separate.It is easy to damage the human body when it is leaking without the ground line.

Safety certification

Qualified switching products must be national certification and meet international industry standards.Domestic products through 3 c certification, ISO9000 series certification, some international brand also won the other national and international safety certification, these will be by identifying mark on the product itself, packaging or instructions.

The power to choose

According to the choice of the use of the household appliance, now the home power home appliance is more and more, the best can buy 16A can carry 4000W, the big and small electric appliance can use.If you want to avoid overloading, you can choose to have an overload protection arrangement, which will cut off the power when it is overloaded, thus avoiding the risk of overheating.

The wire specifications

At present, there are 3 x 0.75mm, 3 x 1.0mm, 3 x 1.25mm in China, and the higher the value, the better the load capacity. If the household USES large power appliances more, it is better to suggest the arrangement with the above 1.0mm.In addition, the power line specification X2 or X3 is usually indicated on the packaging, which is the number of input power lines.