What kind of types of cable tray are arranged?

The outlet is an indispensable small object in life, after all, now the electrical product is so much, the home certainly should have a few socket.

1. Switch socket.

The control socket is cut off, easy to use, not to be pulled out, or can be used alone as a switch.Used in common electric appliances, such as microwave oven, washing machine, single control mirror headlights, etc.

2. Multi-function socket.

Multi-function five hole model is N5108 etc, five hole (such as: 55 series multi-function socket N51080), three of a multifunctional five hole hole out on a small triangle plate pull down, and foreign format is compatible with the old round pin plug, square foot plug and so on.

Connected socket.

Connected socket is equivalent to one point two, a bus comes out, the panel itself is the way, can connect again to other rooms.Like a bus to the living room, it can be strung all the way to the room.There is also a non - panel type of multiplexer, depending on the electrician's line, also called a point two, or one minute three, one minute four, etc.

4. Weak current socket.

Telephone, computer, TV socket.Due to the back end of the plug module, the market price is very high, so it is more expensive.

Five, three hole socket.

The three-hole socket has 10A and 16A (A represents current size), common and multifunctional, and the difference between A switch and A switch.

10A: the appliances commonly used in the home are ordinary 10A current, the most commonly used is 10A five-hole socket.Three hole socket with a switch on the switch can control the power of the three holes, can also be used as a light switch control (specifically related to electrical wiring and actual needs, is basically free control).

16A: 16A three holes to meet the domestic air conditioning or other large power appliances, such as electric water heater.But here you need to pay attention to the electrical plug specification.Air conditioning is usually used in 16A, 2.5p -3P cabinet air conditioning (manufacturers generally do not have the plug) need to use 20A socket, then the big words use 25A, or use air switch direct control.The exact amount of A current air conditioning configuration can be configured according to the wear of the plug (10) on the air conditioning, high-power electric water heater may also be used to 16 A, or 20 A socket (specific see the plug), as A result of the 10 A three holes and 16 A three hole socket distance and size are different, use common can't insert 16 A plug socket, use 16 A plug also can't insert 10 A normal socket.

It is also important to pay attention to buy the outlet, otherwise it is very likely to pick one back and not use it.So before you buy a socket, make sure you know what you're using.11.jpg