what can we do when the power socket is not enough

The heat of the summer is unbearable, and the air conditioning and electric fans are turning.In addition to all kinds of air-conditioning refrigeration equipment, air purifier, sweeping robot, air fryer, various cooking machines...In recent years, a new type of small home appliance emerge in endlessly, walked into the sitting room, the kitchen space of the people, because of the use of these appliances and cause of fire, electric shock accidents occur every year, how to be both safe and electricity scientifically, is must pay attention to every family event.In addition, the use of power peak socket is not enough to make a lot of family's new troubles, for this, some families have used the "temporary remedy" such as drawing line, drawing board and so on.There are also "tips" for decoration companies on the Internet. It is suggested that the existing socket should be converted into a three-way porous socket to solve this problem.Experts point out that some of these methods have serious security risks, and some need to be screened according to the situation.

Home appliances more and more, have to temporarily pull the line.

As more and more new products are added to the home appliance army, the resulting safety issues are attracting attention.In a visit to the Shanghai electric power customer experience center, the "people come to find out" touch screen science game is one of the most popular programs for young visitors in the near future.In the game, in the sitting room is disorderly use dragline board, the behavior such as drawing line above the stove in the kitchen, will be as "stubble" be found.Some visitors point out that the room is often reserved when the room is decorated, which often fails to keep up with the "situation", which leads to a lot of hidden "temporary fixes".How to avoid danger or scientific remedial, become everybody's most concerned problem.

In addition, on the Internet has a claim to "decorate a design has more than ten years experience in" company give remedial tip: "can change the existing socket to triple row of porous plugs, effectively increase the number of sockets.If the position of the socket is not suitable, you can draw a zero line from the outlet of the other position and install the socket.The effectiveness and safety of this operation also make netizens suspicious.

Use the socket's Yes and No.

Q: when decorating, does the installation socket need to leave a margin?How much is better?

Answer: when decorating, install the outlet to need to leave a certain power and current margin, especially the place such as kitchen, toilet;The installation socket should be used for independent circuit;Large power equipment such as air conditioner, heater and refrigerator should be equipped with high power, independent and protected three hole socket.

Q: what other issues should I pay attention to in the installation and use of sockets?

A: the height of the installation is 1.5-1.8 meters, and the distance of the dark socket should not be less than 0.3 meters.In high temperature, moist place (such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.), should choose to have the protective sex outlet with cover cover;The products should be selected and qualified;Power socket circuit should have leakage protection;For families with children, it is best to use a safe socket with a protective film inside;Do not touch the socket with wet hands;Always turn off the power before cleaning the socket.

Q: what are the "temporary fixes" that are wrong?

A: connect several large power appliances in one socket.Use bad or old tow line boards;The power supply is obtained by using a single dragline.The power cord is tangled;Wrap the power cord around a metal object or near a heat source.

Q: is there a safe remedy?

A: it is possible to use a three-way perforated socket, but pay attention to the number of electrical appliances at the same time.The approach to zero line is not recommended.The home line and socket installation advice is best to be in the renovation of the plan.