Three important application principles of wall socket installation.

   As the number of household appliances increased, new owners gradually discovered that the socket was not enough, especially the computer cable, telephone line and TV cable.General three holes, five hole enough I can buy a socket external socket back, but these functional outlet, once enough can only find a electrician rewiring and install socket, is a very troublesome thing.

Application principle of switch socket 1:

So advise you in preparation for the new owner to decorate, switch socket must be more reserved, especially the television near the hall, reserve the best TV, computer, telephone in every room of this kind of socket location, big deal on the blank panel.

Application principle of switch socket 2:

In some household adornment BBS, I often see some high-grade adornment style using white low switch socket, you can just imagine black high-grade marble set with a white plastic wall switches, that kind of feeling just like a grain of a broken a nest of porridge.Actually if you go to some hotels, conference room, high-grade office buildings and so on, it's not hard to find, the white plastic switch is basic can't see their shadow, instead it is a high grade of silver, gold, gray and so on.The younger generation of owners does not emphasize fashion or individuality, and manufacturers are constantly developing new products to suit god's tastes.In the foreseeable future, the switch socket can serve as decoration while meeting the requirements.The lamp is a good example.

Application principle of switch socket 3:

One: the choice of switch socket.

The location selection problem of "switch socket" is mainly considered two points: one is "standby power consumption" of household appliances, and the other is convenient to use.For example, I used five "switch sockets" in my home, in order: the washing machine socket, electric water heater socket, the study computer connect the cable socket, the kitchen cabinet table two spare sockets.

1. Almost all household appliances have standby power consumption.Therefore, in order to avoid the frequent insertion, similar to the washing machine socket, electric water heater socket such a relatively low frequency of electrical appliances may consider using "switch socket".

2. If you think the electric rice cooker, electric kettle, and other electrical appliances are inserted between the two tasks, it is troublesome to consider the use of "switch socket" in the spare socket of the kitchen counter.

3, study the computer even a lug plate can be solved in the basic computer that a string of plug, in order to avoid a day pursed a bottom to the desk by the lug plate under the power supply, I installed a across the desk "with switch socket.

Ii: the location of the socket is the key point.

   Improper socket location, if in the bedroom, living room, may affect furniture placement;If you are in the bathroom, the kitchen, you may want to make bricks.My conclusion is, unless you count the precise position, otherwise, you remember: let the socket as far as possible the side don't usually go wrong, but if you are not to retain the position of the socket is not straight, it is possible to clashed with furniture is put in the late or electrical installation.

   I had met such a problem, electric water heater outlet toilet as a direct result of the initial position can't install the electric water heater, bathroom lens headlight under standby socket also affects the installation of the mirror.Although two socket problems were resolved later, but at that time, in order not to damage has been paved tiles, several master has been busy all afternoon, and drilling, and rewiring, it took a lot of time.

Third: be optimistic about using your switch and socket.

   In particular, students are reminded to communicate with the oil workers and bricklayers in advance.Supposedly circuit transformation has been completed, abandoned electrician would indicate the position of cassette, and for useful cassette, you will give special attention to, sometimes encountered more confused oil workers and bricklayer's will give up some useful cassette.When my kitchen was finished with tile, I went in and saw that the dark box set aside by the lampblack disappeared from the wall.Another child room is best can protect door device switch, avoid children get an electric shock risk, and damp or close to the water area of socket needs to be moistureproof cover, such as: socket near the sink, wash basin, toilet socket wet area.The switch does not require a moisture-proof cover.