The wall-stickers and the wallpaper are different

There are many places with wallpaper and stickers are not the same, need at least three times putty scraping the wall wallpaper, but also brush the membrane, Film role is mainly to moisture, wallpaper is inside the wall decoration materials, is different, it is mainly from the decorating effect, cheap and simple and durable, with no damage to the wall to exchange with the. Wall stickers and traditional wallpaper, wallpaper is a part of the traditional Home Furnishing decoration overall style, and wall stickers are Home Furnishing decorative embellishment, like wallpaper to the wall is wearing a beautiful dress, but the wall is in a beautiful clothes on a piece of jewelry


Wall stickers, diverse style, the unique shape of the wall as if people enter another world. If you're a sports boy, your living room or bedroom walls can become the world of sports equipment, basket The ball rack, the dumbbell, and even the running runway are all up the wall. I think the restaurant is too monotonous, the cooking is too boring, want to make high-tech into For your dinner, then you can use the abstract style of animation to write your dream of automatic life on the wall of the dining room. Back to the warm nest, want to have some fun, many have some friends, you can call the cartoon cute animal in the study on the walls of the release of feelings. If there are children at home, his bedroom wall can definitely become an animal paradise, so that he grew up with these lovely playmates grow up. On the wall of the world, touch is always the most important responsibility.

As the traditional wallpaper construction is complex, and easy to fall off and other issues, in recent years, more and more consumers choose wall stickers, many advantages and highlights the decorative wall stickers are more favored by the people. such as it has the characteristics of air guiding groove (pasting no bubbles), visual stereo, removable (environmental protection, traceless) and so on. Just want to how to paste stickers, not easy to fall off and can change with fashion easily replace other style

The wall materials mainly use stickers, many colors, with color. Adhesive is also called self-adhesive label material, which is made of paper, film or special material, and is coated with adhesive on the back. It is a kind of composite material coated with silicon protective paper. The coating technology is different, resulting in the formation of different grades of adhesive materials, by roll coating, coating to the traditional high pressure cast coating direction is the direction of development at present, to ensure maximum uniform coating, to avoid bubbles and pinholes The quality of coating is guaranteed, and the traditional roller coating is mainly used at present in China

With the wall design and technology is becoming more and more mature, more creative wall products also entered people's field of vision, such as wall stickers. The image of wall and wall lamp cleverly combined together, the whole room is very lively. Wall wallpaper and wall lamp wall lamp will be made one, the simple decoration of the original wallpaper into the wall of the utility function, such as the dog's head can be changed to a circular wall, carrying the bones of the mouth can keep the wire rope, full of fun and childlike design surprise. There are sunflowers in the middle, you can also reserve the wall lamp position, so that when opening the lamp, the whole sunflower is bright, feel the vitality and beauty of life. As long as you have enough imagination, you can own a DIY own wall lamp, let the whole wall more three-dimensional.