The overall design and fuction of Power strip

1) overall design of modularization.

The style of the plugboard is set as splicing, which is exquisite, simple and easy to use.Divided into several small modules can be convenient for maintenance, if any part of the module is damaged, can be directly to replace a single module, thus not only saving the lug plate use cost, but also avoid the waste of resources, thus more economic and environmental protection.In addition, users can add or replace new modules with different functions at any time, which is also convenient.The diversified development of the user and the future cuttings provide more potential space for development.

2) the implant of USB interface.

Electronics hardware is currently towards unification, standardization development, at present the charging function of most electronic products are done by one end with a USB cable, and the style of the charger and varied, if can integrate a lug plate, the USB interface directly with separate out the electronic products charger, all of the electronic products can be implemented through the cable connected to the lug plate charging function, with each charger unit price 10 yuan, domestic per capita have 2 electronic products (mobile phones, mp3, etc.) are calculated, if the design can be put into use in a wide range, can save at least $30 billion of the nation's charger production costs (if considering the wastage of the electronic products and other factors, that figure will be bigger).Therefore, the realization of this idea will not only provide convenience for users, but also reduce the cost of electronic products in a wide range, while reducing the production of chargers means the rational utilization of resources.Resource utilization and economic environment protection is one of the important factors that we propose.

3) safe charging

According to statistics, in 2013, the sampling rate of the national quality inspection bureau was 80.4%. Among them, the sample qualified rate of small enterprises was only 68.4%.Some local quality inspection bureau's sample pass rate is only 10%.There are hundreds of deaths and injuries caused by leakage of electrical outlets every year.The spark or arc and plastic that are caused when the plug is in contact with the socket can easily trigger a fire.Unqualified power outlet, bring huge safety hidden danger and life danger to the consumer.And the existing main security problems of the lug plate is when using more than rated current without any prompt, usually modular board also gave me a helpless feeling just don't know how many modules can be less than the load combination, which leads to the main electric safety problems in life, in this design to solve the problem by means of adding ammeter, the installation of the ammeter can display board general work flow, make appropriate adjustments to prompt the user to use electric quantity, in order to avoid similar accidents such as fire board.When the total working current exceeds the rated current, the automatic power failure device will be triggered to avoid the occurrence of the safety accident.