The difference between PE wall stickers and normal stickers

       The foaming wallpaper is made of 100K/m2 paper, with 300-400K/m2 of PVC paste mixed with foaming agent, which is then heated and bubbly after printing.The "foaming" is also known as the web version of embossing foaming.It refers to the addition of foaming agent to the raw materials and the high temperature in the production process, which makes the foaming agent complete the process of "fermentation".Foaming wallpaper has high foaming printing, low foaming printing and foaming printing embossing.

       High foaming wallpaper surface has the elastic bump pattern, is the wall paper that has the function of adornment and sound absorption.Low foaming wallpaper surface has concave and convex decorative pattern with color chart, there are imitation wood grain, spelling a flower, imitation effect, such as ceramic tile design, stereo sense is strong, adornment effect is good, suitable for indoor dado, sitting room and the corridor inside the building decoration, etc.

The advantage of foaming wallpaper is stereo feeling strong, can increase the space sense of room.But the shortcoming is obvious: not wear-resisting, easy to scrape, easy to be polluted.At present, the foaming wallpaper has been phased out, but it is still visible on the ceiling in some rooms.

The difference between ordinary wallpaper and foaming wallpaper

      The plastic wallpaper is divided into ordinary wallpaper and bubble wallpaper, each of which is divided into several categories.Ordinary wallpaper is base material of 80 grams of paper per square metre, besmear with each square metre of PVC resin of around 100 grams, classics printing, embossing.It includes monochrome embossing, printing embossing, photopressure and peaceful optical pressure, etc., which are the most common wallpaper.

      The bubble wallpaper is thicker and softer than the ordinary wallpaper.The high foaming wallpaper has a flexible convex shape;The low-foaming wallpaper is printed on the foaming plane with decorative pattern, such as embossed, wood grain, ceramic tile and other effects.The pattern is lifelike, the stereo feeling is strong, the adornment effect is good, apply to indoor wall skirt, sitting room and building interior corridor decorates.High foaming wallpaper surface has elastic bump pattern, it is a kind of adornment and absorb sound function wallpaper.