The designer teaching you how to choose the Power Strip and Switch

When Home outfit process, everybody will care about the choose and buy of building materials, especially the choose and buy, because the relationship to occupy the electricity safety problem in the future, nip in the bud, suggest you pay more attention to in this respect, families because 80% of fire line problem, especially the switch socket quality closes nevertheless.In decorating BBS, you professionals and experts have given a lot of valuable advice in this respect.As an old saying goes, people gather firewood and fire. Here, I have compiled the selection techniques I saw on BBS diving days, hoping to bring some useful references to your purchase.

(1) stylist: switch socket tone wants to decorate with the integral tone of bedroom to coordinate with each other.The following points are a selection strategy given by a senior designer.

1.Seeing the appearance.The style of the switch, color should match the integral style of the interior, the integral tone that decorate in the bedroom and switch tonal want to harmonize with each other.

2. Hand feeling.The switch mostly used bulletproof glue with good quality, advanced materials, such as fire prevention, moistureproof, prevent the impact properties is higher, the surface is smooth, should be considered when the choose and buy yourself feel to the touch, with the preliminary judgement switch handle material, and ask for dealers.Generally speaking, the surface is not too smooth, feel the product of thin, fragile feeling, each performance is untrustworthy.The surface of good switch socket requires no bubble, no scratches and no stain.The handle of the switch is light and not tight, the socket of the socket needs to be equipped with protection, the plug should need a certain amount of force and can not be inserted.

3.Seeing the brand.We encourage you to choose well-known brands.The quality of the switch relates to the normal use of electrical appliances and even the convenience of life.Many dealers have expressed the same view that many small manufacturers in guangdong, wenzhou switch or outlet is not very desirable, did not take long before, and often change is obviously very trouble;However, most well-known brands will make effective promises to consumers, such as "guarantee 10 years of service life", "continuous switch 10000 times" and so on.

4.The service.As far as possible, go to the specialty shop or point of sale to purchase, and ask for shopping invoice, so that you can enjoy the after-sales service.

5. Notice the logo on the base of the switch and socket, including CCC and rated current voltage.

Comment: stylist is really stylist, give advice not only pursue aesthetic, also pay attention to practicability and after sale, hope can pay attention to tonal and brand of you in choosing and 

buying process.