the comparison of Switch socket shell, contact and shrapnel material

Anyone who knows a little about the switch socket knows that judging a socket's quality is a top priority, especially the shingle material that is directly related to the performance of the socket.It is believed that many friends know one of the quality of the identification switch socket quality: contact and shingle, the contact material of the switch socket is best silver alloy, the copper part of the socket is the best copper.

About contact: there are three main types of contact: silver nickel alloy, silver cadmium alloy and pure silver.Silver nickel alloy is an ideal contact material with good conductivity, good hardness and not easy to oxidize and rust.Silver cadmium alloy contact also is good, has the good electrical wear resistant, fusion welding resistance and conductive thermal conductivity, small contact resistance, stable, and the hardness of material is good, used to say heavy metals cadmium is not suitable for use but in recent years the eu has cancelled the standard.Sterling silver do contact is not appropriate, it is a good electrical conductivity, but silver oxidation texture is soft, but also the normally closed switch, texture soft, more switch contact deformation, oxidation rust conductivity will be far worse, rust is also easy to fever, it is easy to contact travel together.

The shell material of the switch socket.All fukuda electrical switch socket plastic on the market use PC material, flame retardant, impact resistant, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation, high temperature resistant, not easy to change color features is very important for the security performance of the switch socket.

Performance requirements for socket shrapnel.

Socket shrapnel mainly have the effect of clamping plug and implementation of conductive, which requires the shrapnel, first of all, should have excellent electric conductivity, the second is to have good elasticity and flexibility, the magnitude of the shrapnel and plug with modest, both can clamp the plug, can easily pull out again, better resilience of shrapnel, after repeated pull plug, its flexibility and resilience attenuation should be within the scope of control, the national standard is can undergo repeated 40000 times pull plug.At the same time, the shrapt is not rusted, anti-oxidation, anti-arc generation, otherwise will lead to the decline of electrical conductivity.All switch socket products of futian electric appliance are made of copper shrapnel.

1.Brass: hard, slightly elastic, medium in conductivity, bright yellow.

2.Beryllium bronze: hard, flexible, medium in conductivity,

3.Copper (copper) : soft, elastic, high electrical conductivity, purple-red.

Prior to the introduction of composite materials, pure copper was indeed the best conductive material, and the performance of copper material was also competitive. The purity of copper was seen in detail, and the more pure copper conductivity was, the better.Brass is better than brass.

Anyhow, switch socket contact, shrapnel, is the important element is directly related to the performance of the socket, we can't ignore the inspection when the choose and buy, in addition to pay attention to the shell material, also want to check the thickness of the shell, to work and is a riveting, or a integrated, these are also related to the performance and life of switch socket.