The Classification of Washing Machines

    Fully automatic washing machine is to the whole process of laundry (bubble leaching - washing - rinse - dehydration) set in advance good N application, laundry choose one of the program, open the faucet and start the washing machine switch after the whole process of laundry will be done automatically, laundry is finished by a buzzer sound.

    The automatic washing machine can control water inlet, water discharge and motor on and off by the combination of water level switch and electromagnetic water inlet valve.Electromagnetic water inlet valve plays the role of opening and breaking water source.When the solenoid coil is cut off, the moving iron core, under the action of gravity and spring force, presses firmly against the rubber diaphragm and blocks the central hole of the diaphragm, so that the valve is closed and the water is blocked.When the electromagnetic coil is energized, the moving iron core moves up under the action of magnetic force, leaving the diaphragm and opening the central hole of the diaphragm. Therefore, the water above the diaphragm flows into the laundry bucket through the central hole.Because the circulation capacity of the central hole is greater than that of the two holes on both sides of the film, the pressure on the upper part of the film decreases rapidly, and the film will move up under the action of pressure difference, and the door will be closed and the water will flow through.

Front side door roller washing machine

   Invented the earliest is superposed side door, drum washing machine this washing machine is invented by Europe, is good at washing fabrics such as silk, cotton, no wound, no wear and ensure when washing clothes is not compromised, and has a good heating measures.But also has its bad side, because of no wound, no wear factors, such as washing way, this time is long, poor XiJingDu machine washing, large water consumption, is other washing machine a few times, especially adopts the stainless steel inner cylinder, the noise is bigger.This kind of washing machine is applicable to the family with higher living standard, wear basically with silk, pure wool, cotton wool wait for high-grade fabrics to give priority to, and change clothes more frequently.

The wave wheel on the door washing machine

   The latest washing machine to be invented was the Asian invention of the wave wheel on the door washing machine.Have a variety of brands on the market, the characteristics of this kind of washing machine is washing time is short, small water consumption, high XiJingDu, several times that of drum, because the inner barrel is plastic material, low noise, and open cover, can make the liquid detergent used repeatedly, economical to use.This washing machine is suitable for living in the greening is poorer, air dust amount is larger, on average, once every 2 to 3 days in clothing family, mainly XiJingDu, mainly chemical fiber, acrylic fabric.

Agitator washing machine

   Another was invented by American agitator washing machine, because the American wind is bigger, the main wearing thick fabrics such as denim clothing, so they apply agitator washing machine, the washing machine XiJingDu is very high, more than ten times that of pulsator washing machine, but as a result of XiJingDu and wear rate is proportional to, so it's damage clothing, this kind of washing machine is rare in the market.