The advantage of the IXPE FOAM COTTON

The IXPE material is full named electronic radiation crosslinked polyethylene foam material, with polyethylene as the main raw material, match with several other do not contain any harmful substances of complementary makings after mixing extrusion forming, first through the green health irradiation processing technology, using electric ion radiation effects on the crosslinking material changing the original structure, form independent closed-cell foam hole mesh structure, produce high-tech high-grade closed-cell foam.

Such products have the advantages of smooth appearance, comfortable hand feeling and good processing performance.The bubble hole uniform, fine toughness and have sex, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation effect is excellent, small water imbibition, resilience, weather resistance, resistance to aging, prevent mildew and all kinds of chemical corrosive strong functional materials in line with international environmental standards.

Product function

Environmental non - toxic: electrical ion radiation changes the base material structure, forming a mesh independent closed - hole structure, no additives, no heating, no chemical residue, recyclable oil.

Moistureproof antimicrobial properties: independent closed pore structure, effectively prevent water molecules penetrate closely, make the bibulous rate is lower than 0.01 g/cm2 (almost zero), at the same time, because of the electron beam irradiation modification, let bacteria without living environment.

Static shock resistance: independent obturator structure, with good acoustic damping, resilience, impact resistance, permanent compression rate of less than 5%.

Thermal insulation: ultra-low thermal conductivity (less than 0.04 w/m.k) can effectively block heat or air flow through the ground.

Anticorrosive resistance: due to the strong strength of the substrate polyethylene, the product has stronger corrosion resistance and more than 30% life span after irradiated crosslinking.

Easy processability: the appearance is smooth, the hand feels comfortable, the bubble hole is fine and uniform, the toughness has the winding sex, facilitate the second processing (easy to compound, paste, cut, blanch, hot pressure, hot suction molding and so on).