The advantage of the Automatic Smart Trash Can

   Intelligent ashbin adopts advanced microcomputer control chip, infrared sensor detection device, mechanical transmission parts, is the collection machine photoelectric in the integration of high-tech new products, when the person's hands or objects close to the dog-house (at window) about 25 cm - 35 cm, trash can cover will automatically open, stay waste into 3 or 4 seconds after the lid will automatically shut down, people, things do not need to contact with bin, completely solve the traditional trash to the infection of health risk to the user, can effectively prevent various infectious disease spread through the garbage and prevent garbage smell overflow from the barrel.


      Qualified intelligent ashbin has stable performance, long service life (design) 6-10 years of life, easy to use, accurate operation, design precision, health, environmental protection, energy saving low consumption is the 1/3 of the market similar products (power consumption), etc.

      Intelligent bin, microcomputer control chip, the first infrared detection device, mechanical transmission device and connecting rod mechanism of automatic switch cover, is the collection machine, light, electricity in the integration of high-tech new products, with reliable performance and long service life, low power consumption advantages.Intelligent garbage can, people do not need to touch the garbage can to drop the garbage, prevent cross infection, environmental hygiene, elegant appearance;No external power supply, ordinary battery, low power consumption, long service life;Good sealing performance, reduce the chance of cross infection of various germs in life, no garbage smell overflow, make sure the surrounding air is clean.

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