Some matters needing attention when we use smart trash can

1. When installing the battery, pay attention to the anode and cathode of the battery.

2. Be sure to clean the garbage can with clean cloth.Please do not reward domestic water flushing, since the circuit part of the trash can is made up of many electronic components, which may damage the electronic components in the water.

3. In the process of opening the lid, do not use the external force to press the cover or quick cover, so as not to damage the accessories.

4. When the power is exhausted, replace the battery in time so as not to damage the electronic components.

5. Avoid using garbage cans in direct sunlight or excessive humidity.

6. Keep the sensor window clean to ensure that the barrel head induction function is normal.

7. Please do not mix acid and alkaline batteries. Do not mix rechargeable batteries with disposable batteries.

8. Please do not disassemble the repair or replace the parts with other parts.

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