Some Common Sense about electric power strip should be noted

The multi-purpose socket

Suitable for domestic and foreign standard plug access

Double lightning protection

The power supply system and video signal circuit of the sensitive electronic equipment are provided with perfect double protection by professional lightning protection elements and structures.

Overload protection

More than 10 a maximum working current or the highest working temperature 130 , automatic power off

High elastic jack

The internal plug is made of all-phosphorus bronze bar, with good conduction and elasticity

Fire retardant

The inner shell is made of flame retardant material, flame retardant and high temperature resistance, material safety and environmental protection

High conductivity

The power cord is produced by standard 3 core 1.0MM2 copper wire and is certified by CCC

Hf capacitance filtering

RFI/EMI filter circuit can absorb the wave surges of rf/EMI, and output the pure power supply

Professional safety cover

Protect users or children, prevent electric shock, prevent dust and debris from entering unused socket

Ultra wide interhole spacing

Even a large plug or power adapter can fit inside, without affecting the use of other sockets


When the liquid in the socket is accidentally spilled, it can flow out through the guide slot to ensure the safety of the equipment!