Selection of Power Strip molding method and determination of process.

1. Selection of molding method for plastic Power Strip.

The products are made of ABS engineering plastic, which belongs to thermoplastic plastic, and the products need to be produced in large quantities.Although injection molding mold structure is relatively complex, high cost, but the production cycle is short, high efficiency, easy to realize automation production, mass production mould cost for single piece goods cost impact is not big.Compression molding and injection molding are mainly used to produce thermosetting plastic parts and small batch production thermoplastic plastics;Extrusion molding is mainly used for forming continuous profiles with constant section shape;Pneumatic molding is used to produce hollow plastic bottles, cans, boxes and boxes.Therefore, the product should be selected for injection molding.

2. Molding process of plastic Power Stirp.

A complete injection molding process consists of three processes: preparation before molding, injection process and plastic parts.

(1).Preparation before shaping.

A. Inspect the appearance of ABS raw materials: check the color of raw materials and uniform grain size, and require uniform color and evenness.

B. When the production starts to change the plastic variety, replace the color, or find the thermal decomposition or degradation reaction in the molding process, the injection machine should be cleaned.

C, in order to make the plastic parts easy to emerge from the mould, the mold or mold core need coated with release agent, according to the actual production condition choose zinc stearate, liquid paraffin or silicone oil and so on.

(2).The injection process generally includes: feeding, plasticizing, mold filling, pressure filling and shrinkage, cooling finalizing and stripping.

(3).Post-processing of plastic parts.

ABS is easy to produce stress concentration, strict control molding conditions, adopting the following annealing treatment process.

A, oven to put products in the infrared drying oven, oven to 80 ~ 85 drying 2 ~ 4 hours.Determine the molding process parameters and prepare the molding process card with the screw plastic injection machine, the screw speed is 30 ~ 60 r/min.The material is pre-dried for more than 0.5h.Cylinder front end: a temperature of 150 ℃ ~ 170 , the central cylinder: 180 ~ 190 , cylinder back-end: 200 ~ 210 , nozzle: 180 ~ 190 , mould: 50 ~ 70 .Pressure: 60 ~ 100MPa, pressure pressure: 40 ~ 60 MPa.Time (molding cycle) injection time: 2 ~ 5s, holding time: 5 ~ 10s, cooling time: 5 ~ 15s, molding cycle: 15 ~ 30s.Post-processing method: infrared oven, temperature;70 ℃ ~ 90 , time: 0.3 ~ 1 h.