Select the multi-function plug converter to give consideration to safety and practicality

   At present, the market converters variety, the good and the bad, make the consumer buy and buy at a loss.And converter is often of household supplies, daily and the main safe electrical accessories, the product quality, performance, material is qualitative to preventing fire, reduce loss has a more important role.The relevant technical experts combine the experience of practice detection, and summarize a set of small experience to identify the product of the superior and inferior converters, so as to provide consumers with reference when choosing products.

1. Eyes and feel.The general good product appearance is smooth, the material USES the high-quality PC material, the flame retardant property is good;And good converters have a certain texture, holding a certain amount in hand.Although some product surface is bright and clean, appear to apply a layer of oil, but the weight is very light, this kind of material flame retardant sex is not good, can bury fire danger to household electric power.

 2. Look at the structure.At present, there are two kinds of household converter structure in the market, detachable and non-detachable, the difference is whether it can be disassembled with ordinary screwdriver.If you are a general consumer, we recommend that you choose an undismountable converter with different specifications for the rated current and power line length, which can meet the needs of the general consumer.If you have an electrician's knowledge or special needs, you can also choose a removable converter.In addition, the use of plug converter must have 3 c mark, when the choose and buy you can also put their own plug on the converter, in order to test the insertion force, too tight or too loose will affect the normal use.

 3. Look at the logo.There are 10 a common converter rated current on the market with 16 a two specifications, according to the national mandatory standards, converter products must use "MAX or maximum" logo which can withstand maximum power, current and voltage, consumer can according to the actual need to choose and buy.It is important to remind consumers that the rated current of the individual converter plug is 10A, while the rated current of the converter itself is 16A, which is obviously a small horse-drawn cart.Using this converter can cause the line to heat, burn, and accelerate aging, causing short circuit and fire.

4. Brand recognition.The strict test of time and market of famous brand products, no matter the material and quality are strictly controlled.We also advise consumers to buy converters in the regular market, which is because most of these converters are inspected by the quality inspection department before entering the market, and there is a guarantee of quality.

Finally, remind consumers not to use multiple power appliances at the same time on a converter, which will overload the converter and cause accidents.

When choosing a plug socket, consumers should focus on the safety of the product, and the plug socket with protective door should be able to prevent the insertion of single pole or probe.

When purchasing and using, the following points should be grasped:

1. Select the normal department store, supermarket or specialty store, select brand products;Select (matching) according to the use of electric power products, such as: air conditioner, power showers, and other products should choose 16 a plug socket, other small power electrical appliances choose 10 a plug socket.

2. Second look, see whether the product mark is complete, see whether the CCC certification mark.

3. Check, when home decoration needs a large amount of purchase, should check the inspection certificate issued by relevant inspection department report.

4.  test, carry out simple insert experiment, the plug inserts socket after should contact good, do not loosen feeling, and not too hard can pull out.

5. Be careful not to buy a plug that can be rotated or artificially change the shape of the plug;Do not use two large electrical appliances in one socket;When the outlet temperature is too high or when there is a fire, it should be stopped and replaced.