PE, PP, PVC, PS and PU foam Who is best

The advantages and disadvantages of foam material (pulp moulding material, PE, PP, PVC, PS and PU foam).Plastic foam used in packaging

1. Polystyrene foam (PS)

Polystyrene foam is the most used buffer material in packaging.It is usually hard, closed hole foam structure, low density, generally 0.015-0.07 g/cm3;Its cushioning properties are good;Good moisture resistance, mildew resistance, heat insulation and electrical insulation;Low water absorption rate;Easy to form processing;And it's cheap.The main disadvantage is that the toughness is poor, the waste volume is large and not easy to handle.And the styrene gas produced when burned can pollute the environment.So in recent years its use on packaging has gradually been limited.

2. Polyurethane foam (PU)

Polyurethane foam is a good cushioning material.It has excellent resilience, good absorption of shock and vibration energy;High intensity, good insulation;Good stability of environment temperature and humidity, and good corrosion resistance and machining properties.But because of the high price, it is mainly used as a cushion material for delicate items such as precision instruments, electronic products and crafts.It can be used in many forms, such as block, sheet and foam liner.

 3. Polyethylene foamed plastic (PE)

Polyethylene foamed plastic is also widely used in packaging.It has good cushioning and good thermal insulation performance;Strong, flexible and abrasion resistance;Low water absorption and low temperature resistance;Good anti-chemical corrosion and forming process, and low cost.Therefore, it is widely used as a cushion material for small electromechanical products, instruments, glassware and food.Low foaming polyethylene foam plastic can be used for cutting, drilling, adhesion and other secondary processing, to make the protective Angle, protecting edge and other shaping buffer materials.

4. Polypropylene microporous foam plastics (PP)

Polypropylene microporous foamed plastic is a kind of low density, directional polypropylene foam material with dense hole structure. It is a new type of cushion material which has appeared in recent years.Polypropylene microporous foam plastics have excellent longitudinal tensile strength due to its special tight hole and thin and flexible porous wall, which gives it excellent resilience and flexibility.Its micropores absorb a great amount of shock and vibration energy and are very good cushioning materials.Polypropylene microporous foam plastic foam has a high volume fraction of 99% and a large number of tiny closed holes, so it is also a good thermal insulation material.But he was poor at the stability of light.

5. Polyvinyl chloride foam (PVC)

PVC foamed plastic is a kind of foam plastic which is developed earlier. It is divided into soft and hard, and is mostly soft.Polyvinyl chloride foam is also a kind of cushioning material.It has good mechanical strength, cushion shock resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, low water absorption rate;It's not easy to burn, and it's cheap.But its thermal stability is poor, and its decomposition of hydrogen chloride gas has certain influence on some packaging products.