Learn about the desktop socket and its installation methods.

When we choose the desktop socket will be very confused, however we must not be in when choosing optional choose and buy of a fool, so remind you, desktop socket when the choose and buy, must first master certain common sense, just look at what is under the desktop socket and its installation method.

1. [what is the desktop socket?

The desktop socket is a kind of socket that can be hidden on the desktop. The socket has video interface, audio interface, network interface, power interface, etc., to meet the needs of people in meetings and office hours.The desktop socket is easy to install, and can be well hidden without damaging the overall beauty and integrity of the desktop.Desktop sockets are common items such as desks, conference tables, counters, etc.

2. [notice of installation of desktop socket]

1. Be careful not to have water in the installation, keep the desktop socket dry and clean, and avoid safety hazards in future use.

2. The input voltage of the desktop socket is 180v-220v /50HZ, so it must be grounded when installing the desktop socket, so as to better guarantee safety and service life.

3. The desktop socket must pay attention to the location when installing, which can not affect the normal use of the table, and install it in a more secluded place, or where it is not often used.

4. After the desktop socket is installed, it must be tested to see if it can be used normally, and also pay attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof measures, so as to avoid the impact on future use.

Iii. What are the characteristics of desktop sockets?

1. The desktop socket can be made from splicing according to the requirements, which can be short and long, so that it can be used without waste. After the assembly is finished, the function module of corresponding length can be installed.

2, desktop socket after installed, there will be a certain slope, accord with human body engineering not only beautiful, but also more than a layer of security, if accidentally spill water glass, also not socket might get wet.

3, desktop socket installation is very simple, and the relatively small size, take up desktop space is small, the body can be installed each position on a desktop socket, especially for large conference table.

4. There are different types of interfaces on the desktop socket, such as audio interface, video interface, network interface, telephone interface, power interface, etc., to meet different needs of people.

Desktop socket using range is very wide, the table has it, the podium with it, have it on, and even can be installed on the wall, the ground, and can also be good to hide in the installation environment, both functional and does not affect beautiful.