Is the lightning protection function reliable in power strip?

When it comes to the $25, even more than $50, lightning protection is the main selling point.Actually the principle of lightning protection and anti surge, lightning (mainly induction lightning) and power grid volatility or near high-power electrical appliances for leads to generate electricity in peak distribution network, if the peak duration, exceeds a certain standard, is the surge, the duration of the surge are probably only one over one million of a second, but the level is higher than that of steady peak value and overload, is likely to be inserted on the lug plate electric produce irreparable damage.

For the option of mine protection, my advice is:

1. If it is the old community, the line is old, the network is old, still need to prevent thunder function.But every downstairs in the new community, there will be a lightning protection module.If the family does need to do lightning protection, install SPD module in the inside of the air switch in the home, be better than buy N belt with lightning protection function, and more economy.

2. The probability of a lightning strike is not very high. Even if it is cut, the lightning bolt is not effective.The lightning bolt lightning protection is mainly for the lightning protection thunder, which is the wire in the line receiving the surge of electromagnetic radiation generated by lightning.In addition, close to the transformer device or the distribution cabinet of the power distribution room, the probability of producing inductive thunder is much smaller.The reason is that the length of the distribution room to the inside of the line is short, in addition, the distribution network equipment has basically made lightning protection.

3. Determine whether lightning protection is required according to the value of the equipment connected.If it is used to connect computer, LCD TV, advanced acoustics, refrigerators and other equipment, it is also possible to pay dozens of dollars to buy a lightning proof socket.If the wire board has even a lamp, electric fan, mobile phone charger, still do not consider what to prevent thunder, province.

In addition, it is a good idea to pull the unused electrical plug from the socket or the wiring board when it is raining.Because it doesn't mean that the induction ray won't hurt them.