How to use Power Strip correctly?

1. Replace the socket, plug abnormality or aging timely.

2. Eliminate power leads directly into the socket.

3. Avoid changing the size and shape of the plug.This can lead to improper contact with the outlet, damaging household appliances and plug sockets and even causing fires.

4. Do not pull the power cord when pulling the plug, so it is easy to pull the power cord to the part where the plug is connected, causing a short circuit and leakage, causing fire and electric shock.

5. Be sure to buy a new national standard outlet, and do not buy a country to ban the production of the plug socket.The three-phase jack of the new national standard socket is separated from the two phases and has five holes.The three-phase jack of the universal socket is combined with two phase sockets and has three holes.

6. Avoid "small marathons".The wiring board has the rated current and cannot be overused, otherwise the socket will heat up, damage the electrical appliances and even cause fire.Pay special attention not to use the power appliances such as air conditioners and microwave ovens in the low rated electrical outlets.