How to choose a good Power Strip

I. materials.The materials used in high quality platoon are excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance. The material stability is strong and it is not easy to change color.The material chosen for the high quality row inserts is phosphor bronze, good conduction, good elasticity and long life.

2. Appearance.The surface is smooth and smooth, the color is even, has the texture, is the good product generally.In addition, the brand logo on the panel should be clear and full, with no burrs on the surface.

3. Internal structure.The normal arrangement is welded structure, the more advanced is one core structure.

4. Touch.Try the switch, the good switch spring is moderate, the elasticity is excellent, and the turn of opening and closing is more powerful.There will not be a push-button stop in the middle of the situation and become a serious fire hazard.It can also be arranged in a row, high quality products because of heavy use of copper and silver metal, there will not be light.

5. Production process.The arrangement switch is often touched, especially the color switch panel, if the choice is unqualified inferior product, the time is long, will age fade.If you choose to those who use the material with uv resistance, and spray the border roast the switch of membrane process, even with a long time, the color will not the slightest change.

6. the humanized design good switch board has the night indicator light, even the most traditional fluorescent paint night instructions, also from a single green fluorescent development to a variety of colors.The power source glow is another nighttime indicator, and more is replacing neon lights with LED lights to ensure longer life, lower fever, and softer light.

7.Packaging and instruction.Brand product very pay attention to the satisfaction of consumer, imported brand must be equipped with manual in Chinese.The product name, brand and technical indicators are clearly marked, from installation to safety precautions.These are all things that you need to be aware of when choosing a platoon.

8.About ground lines.It is best to buy three plugs, two plug - formal manufacturers are not produced.Some have ground wire jack, some are not, this is not safe.

9. Power.Generally, the power is 2500w, and the power is 4000w. Please confirm what kind of power is required before purchase.Must not exceed the power limit.

10.Safety certification.Qualified switching products must be certified by the state and meet the international standards.Domestic products through 3 c certification, ISO9000 series certification, some international brand also won the other national and international safety certification, these will be by identifying mark on the product itself, packaging or instructions