How to choose a good muti-function power strip(1)?

The power stirp on the market now is often a single style, simple and there are many safe hidden trouble, this design to solve these problems to put forward to improve the existing lug plate of some innovative ideas, to facilitate people's life and work, let it better serve the people.This design mainly aims at the improvement of the existing cuttings in three aspects, and puts forward some specific ideas for each aspect, and proposes the production model according to these theories, and makes specific instructions.

1. Select the plastic material.

Power strip is commonly used electrical components, required performance is good, need to mass production, requires molding process performance is better, through to the information search, comprehensive comparison of many plastic, optional ABS resin material variety, both acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer.

2. Analyze the performance and process performance of plastic parts.

(1) the use of performance: ABS is light yellow granular or opaque resin beads, non-toxic, tasteless, bibulous rate is low, has the good comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, such as excellent electric properties, wear resistance, dimension stability, chemical resistance and surface gloss, etc., and easy to processing molding.

Mechanical properties: the plastic ABS has excellent mechanical properties, its impact strength is excellent, and can be used at extremely low temperature.Plastic ABS has good wear resistance, good dimensional stability and oil resistance. It can be used for bearing under moderate load and rotating speed.

Thermal performance: the plastic ABS thermal deformation temperature of 93 ~ 118 , the products after annealing treatment can improve around 10 .When ABS - 40 can still show some toughness, can be in to 40 ~ 100 temperature range.

Electrical properties: the electrical insulation of plastic ABS is good, and it is almost impervious to temperature, humidity and frequency, and can be used in most environments.

Environmental performance: the plastic ABS is not affected by water, inorganic salt, alkali and various acids, but it is soluble in ketones, aldehydes and chlorinated hydrocarbons, and the stress cracking is caused by the corrosion of acetic acid and vegetable oil.

(2) process performance

1. Amorphous material, medium of fluidity, high moisture absorption, must be fully dry, the surface requires the glossy plastic parts to preheat for a long time to dry 80-90 degrees,3 hours.

2. Suitable for high material temperature and high mold temperature, but the material temperature is too high and easy to decompose (the decomposition temperature is >270 degrees).

The mold temperature is 50-60 degrees, to the high light, heat - resistant plastic parts, the mold temperature is 60-80 degrees.

2. If it is necessary to solve the clamping pattern, it is necessary to improve the fluidity of the material, adopt high temperature, high mold temperature, or change the water level.

3 levels such as forming heat or flame retardant material, 3 to 7 days after the mold surface residual plastic decomposition, cause mould surface bright, clear in a timely manner to die, and die surface to increase exhaust location.

The forming process characteristics of ABS.

High melting temperature requires high temperature and high pressure injection molding;The resistance of mold runner should be small and the mould should be heated.The plastic parts are easy to produce internal stress, the raw materials should be dry, the top force should be uniform, the plastic parts need to be processed.


This product is inserted plate base, requires high temperature resistance, good strength and toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, moderate precision, beautiful, reliable performance.Using ABS material, the performance of the product basically meets the requirements, but when forming, pay attention to the selection of reasonable molding process and pre-molding drying treatment.