How to check the wire line of the Power Strip

      The correct socket connection is the foundation of subsequent electrical measurement, SureTest circuit analyzer (61-164 (cn) put the check project first, three dots displayed on the screen, told measured socket connection status.

In determining whether the null line and the protection ground line are connected in reverse, the analysis should be carried out according to different situations:

A. There are leakage protection devices on the line.

The protection device may be triggered if the current is shown on the ground line after the connection between the socket zero line and the protection ground line.

B. There is no leakage protection device on the line, but the circuit or other socket is loaded with load (with electrical appliances)

Due to the load, the line neutral line pressure drop, if the socket to be measured on the ground after the zero line and protection, this socket on the neutral line to ground voltage (61-164 cn actual measurement functions) than other socket is low;

C. There is no leakage protection device on the line, and no other electrical appliances or load is very small.

At this time, the conductor impedance (61-164cn actual measurement function) can be used to determine whether zero/ground is reversed.

D. There is no leakage protection device on the line, no other electrical appliances or loads are small, and the ground conductor is no different from other conductors.

If there is a zero/ground connection, it cannot be detected outside the wall outlet and must be measured in the "B" condition after loading.

location line fault.

       It is found that the most effective method for line virtual connection or high resistance point is to measure the line pressure drop with the rated load.SureTest?Circuit analyzer is the most important functions: 5 a, 8 a, 10 a simulation load (equivalent to 220 v voltage, power 1100 w, 1760 w, 2200 w respectively load) of the measurement line voltage drop, and not trigger circuit breaker affect the running of equipment, not only displays in the process of measuring the electrical load flow line voltage, also give accurate voltage drop % data directly.

 location line fault point.

The actual test usually starts from the farthest point of the switchboard.

The results of pressure drop measurement are as follows:

A. The pressure drop of each outlet is normal (<5%), indicating that the line is normal;

B. The reading of the two sockets is significantly changed, indicating that the fault is between the two sockets, and the connection or connection of the wire should be checked;

C, no obvious change in the pressure drop between the socket, but far end outlet pressure drop is big, from far and near, the pressure drop decreases gradually, then selecting line size slants thin, can't meet the requirements of electricity distribution length or load, should check the wire diameter, when necessary, change the wiring;

D. There was no significant change in pressure drop between the sockets, but the pressure drop value was always large, indicating that the problem was in the first contact or the distribution plate itself.

estimated line carrying capacity and power quality.

      By providing three current value of the instrument, can quickly estimated by measuring the socket of the load ability, for example: an air conditioning outlet rated current for 16 a, as long as the socket with 8 a load test, reading multiplied by 2 namely get 16 a line pressure drop.

     In addition to measuring the effective value of voltage, 61-164cn can also measure the peak value, and by calculating the ratio of the two, the distortion of the ac waveform will be determined and the harmonics will be measured.

     Through the alligator clip adapter, can detect all kinds of socket terminal (for example: the lights, electric fans, etc.), can also be connected to the three phase four wire system (after a 1 phase of three-phase), measure the neutral line (zero) to ground voltage, preliminary judgment whether the neutral current is too large, to help determine whether there is three times the harmonics.

 measure conductor impedance.

    Voltage drop measurement can only told a charged conductor line and the zero line (phase) in the loop or high resistance points, there is not told which conductors on the problem, also can't tell whether you have a high resistance grounding line.61-164cn conductor impedance measurement function, which can measure phase line, zero line and protect ground line impedance respectively, to provide help for further accurate location fault.

     It is important to note that 61-164cn is required to apply the test current on the ground wire when measuring the impedance of the protected land (PE) line.If there is a leakage protector in the line, the action may be triggered. Therefore, the protection device should be disconnected or bypass before the measurement, otherwise the accurate impedance data cannot be obtained.

field test leakage protection (RCD) performance.

     When the "test" button is pressed, the instrument will apply about 30mA test current to the protected ground line in the socket and start the power off timer.If the protection device on the line can be triggered, the circuit will be cut off in time.Since 61-164 cn power supply from the measured power socket, circuit instrument also stop work when the power is cut off, but the power data is automatically saved, after restoring line power supply, characters display of data is a protective device response time.

     The meter power supply comes directly from the measured outlet, which saves the trouble of measuring and changing the battery due to insufficient battery power, which is unique.

     The ac power wall socket is not only the power gate of electrical equipment, but also a window of the quality of power supply line.With appropriate tools and methods, it is important to understand the power supply environment of electrical equipment and find safety hazards in time, which is very important for the operation of electrical equipment and the personal safety of users.