Cooling fan knowledge profile

Cooling fan, notebook cooling fan, car cooling fan, air conditioning cooling fan, chassis cabinet cooling fan, hard drive, video card, CPU cooling fan, power cooling fan and so on. A wide range of applications:

Cooling fan structure: It is composed of the motor, bearings, blades, shell (including fixed holes), the power plug and some of the wires. Motor is the center of the cooling fan. Generally by the stator, the rotor is composed of two major. Motor stationary motor some known as the stator. Robot run some called the rotor. DC motor speed control methods are speed regulation and frequency modulation speed two, which is now the application of the mainstream. Outstanding completion of the fan speed control on demand. The temperature control fan can be installed by adding a thermistor  on the PCB board. Induction temperature change and speed, the higher the temperature the faster the fan speed. However, the cooling fan blades are odd because it is due to maintain the work of the fan balance and minimize the impact of resonance odd fan is the best choice in the mold is difficult to double the number of blades symmetrical point Balance, so for fan, not a double is merit; "merit is not all double."

In the choice of cooling fan, we often compare the air pressure and air volume, air pressure and air volume for normal ventilation need to overcome the cooling fan ventilation stroke resistance, cooling fan must produce pressure to overcome the air resistance. This is the wind pressure . Air pressure is a measure of the performance of the cooling fan an important indicator of wind pressure depends mainly on the blade shape, size, height and speed, the faster the speed, the greater the blade. Relatively large wind pressure, duct-type design of the heat sink can better maintain the wind pressure fan. The air volume is the total volume of the air delivered or sucked by the air-cooled cooling fan every minute. When the heat sink material is the same, the air volume is the most important index to measure the cooling capacity of the air-cooled radiator. Large air volume in unit time can take away more calories. If the air volume is compared to the swing force of a weapon, then the wind pressure is the sharpness of the weapon. Other conditions remain unchanged, the actual amount of air cooling fan effect plays a decisive role. Aluminum fins cooling fan on the wind pressure higher. Copper fins require large air volume. The finer the fins, the higher the pressure requirement, otherwise the air will not flow smoothly between the fins.

In the design, the design of the cooling fan in addition to the general design mentioned earlier, there are some cooling fan with some very special design, through the application of newer technologies and processes to better meet the needs of users. Cooling fan in the dust, the long-term use of airflow through the various parts of the Department will be covered with a thick layer of dust, leading to poor airflow. Increased blade weight. Reduce speed or increase the motor load. Or even cause damage to the fan. To this end, some cooling fan manufacturers are also surprising in the dust. For example, some manufacturers in the market install the "air filter" on the outside of the fan, but they must be cleaned periodically, otherwise the air filter will block up the unnecessary heat dissipation. There are also some products introduced the so-called new dust-proof design, the dust near the shaft closed to the closed shape, while optimizing the wind into the wind, dust nowhere to hide. Can greatly improve the fan life, more ease of use.

In short cooling fan in all computer accessories belong to a humble category, but it is essential. A good performance cooling fan can well meet the needs of computer hardware cooling. Become a stable operation of the computer protection of God. A cooling fan in order to performance is strong. Need the fan as a whole in all details to deal with just right. In order to play the best performance. Large cooling fan. Wind pressure will be sacrificed. Wind pressure will be reduced. Cooling fan speed and cooling capacity is not necessarily related to higher cooling fan speed but will bring greater noise.When the speed has reached the limit, if you want to increase the air flow, only change the blade angle or increase the blade, blade The amount is proportional to the air volume. However, the number of blades is not as good as possible, according to the amount of wind pressure required to consider, the blade of high winds at the same time, the fan noise will increase naturally.